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Tours England
  • "...thank you for such a splendid day in the Cotswolds"
    A.F. - Utah
  • "Thank you for a fabulous tour - you are a brilliant guide - we love you !"
    B & N - Tennessee
  • "... a thousand thanks for showing us around in your wonderful and beautiful country!"
    JL - Flanders, Belgium
  • "... the Cotswold villages and the vistas were spectacular. The pub lunch was delicious and the atmosphere one of a kind"
    N & B A - California
  • "WOW!!! What a way for a Yank to see France!!! Having one of our old Allies the Brits showing the way!!!"
    WC & PC - Alabama
  • "... thank you for the wonderful tour I had with my father to Normandy and Paris!"
    JC - Florida
  • "We say more than we bargained for and then some..."
    C &C - Georgia
  • "... a rather seredipitous click on Google that let me to you and I will forever be grateful for that. What a font of knowledge you are! "
    SM - Philipines
  • "We just want to thank you again for making our vacation so special. We had a great time. Absolutely wonderful! Happy memories!"
    Mike & Jane McCool, Front Royal, VA
  • "You did a fabulous and caring job, making sure our trip was perfect."
    J & A - New York
  • "You put so much heart into what you do..."
    BE, China

Nice things people have said…

We have preserved the privacy of those who have provided these testimonials but are happy to refer you to past customers on request.


[Note from Rob – And in a “World without tourism” I got this delightful message about a video I posted]:

I so enjoyed that video, not only for its historical/educational value but also because it was told by you!!
It’s such a good reminder that in times of turmoil things can indeed be made new!! God has a plan & purpose for everything under heaven!
I hope you, Bev, and family are doing well. I can’t tell you how much I long to see you all again – like my heart aching to be back home among family!!! I so look forward to the time that will come to pass!!
Thanks for taking the time to put this together so our souls can be refreshed!

Kris S******* TX, USA

[Note from Rob – I spoke to some people in Wisconsin who spent two weeks travelling around Ireland with me in 2013. What they said, I found very moving. It was very personal to me but I don’t mind sharing it because it is gratifying to be valued.]

“Rob we still talk about you most days and what a wonderful time we had with you in celebration of our 40th wedding anniversary. You meet a lot of people in your life Rob, and you are one of, perhaps, five that made a real impression on me. This was a special vacation and you could have ruined it. But we were together for 14 days and we’d have found you out if you had any flaws. There are no holes in you Rob”

D***** and J****, Greenwood, Wisconsin

[Further note from Rob – I naturally reminded them their 50th wedding anniversary was not far away !!]

“Rob Little’s Let’s Tour England was the perfect option for my teenage son and me to visit numerous sites in southern and western England. Rob picked us up in Rye in his very comfortable and spacious van and over 4 days proceeded to hit all of the historical points of interest that we had identified (Battle, Beachy Head, tank museum, Stonehenge, Bath, Cotswold’s and Oxford) and several that we hadn’t thought of (D-Day museum in Portsmouth, cathedral in Salisbury and the stones in Avebury). In addition to being an excellent driver and guide, Rob has great general knowledge of all English history and interesting tidbits about points along the way. We thoroughly enjoyed listening to Rob’s stories and anecdotes and exchanging our observations on how Americans think and speak relative to our English cousins. I would highly recommend Rob to anyone looking to make touring England fun and easy, and we are already thinking about when we will hopefully get back to see Rob soon!”

Andrew & Jack M*****Atlanta, USA

You’re an angel. The consensus is that our time with you was the best part of our UK trip.

Susan M****** & Friends, Atlanta, USA

Thank you for once again making this “the trip of a lifetime” – this was the third one ! We really appreciate your conversation, stories, and attention to detail. I never worried about a think while travelling because I knew you were there. Thanks again – you are a true gem!

Karen & Kevin B******, FL, USA

You are THE BEST Tour Guide Ever !! In one week we have seen and experienced more of the Cotswolds that many people could expect to see in a year. All the Estetes, villages, small gardens, the back roads and the views go on and on….so very perfect. And your commentry added so much to our appreciation of this beautiful place. Thank you so much for a truly “fairy tale” vacation. You are are a very special friend.

Vicki NJ & Sarah VA

Thanks again for all of your intrepid and patient guiding during our visit to your fascinating country. I think we all enjoyed the trip and saw some very memorable sites.

Drew A**** & family Toronto, Canada

Thanks for taking such good care of us and making our holiday so much more enjoyable. We thought the whole trip went very well and your engagement with us and the friendly banter helped considerably.

Graham U****, Melbourne, Australia

Its been ten days since we left Paris and France. David and I thoroughly enjoyed the adventure, our times with you and all the markets you were able to provide opportunity for us to visit! We think about you often to the extent I am thinking about our next adventure to the UK. Wales? Dover?

Lori & David S*********, MI, USA

We still talk about how much fun we had on our trip with you and we laugh about our long hike in the Cotswolds wilderness! We told all of our fellow travelers on our recent tour to the Canadian Rockies about how much fun we had on our trip with you and how you didn’t make us get up at 4:30am!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, Rob! I hope that we will be lucky enough to meet up again in the near future. You are a very special person in our lives.

J** & N**** B******, Cleveland, OH

Happy Saturday, Rob…we very much enjoyed our latest trip with you in SW England. My favorites were Dartmouth, followed by Malmesbury and Mousehole (I liked the lodging and atmosphere in these places). Refresh my memory please, Hartland Quay; when/where was that? I guess I did not get all of the names of the spots we stopped. I feel a bit stupid on this. I enjoyed dinner with your “current wife” – so kind of her to share an evening with us. And for you to show us your home and your mum’s place too. I have printed a few of the pictures. D**** has shared our experiences with our accountant, attorney and several others so far.

[Note from Rob – Dartmouth is on nobody’s “bucket list” but after visiting
is at or near the top of the list!!]

Lori S********, Detroit, MI

Sweetie – It was a creative adventure full of amazing vistas people animals places and many cheery informative stories and comments from you!
You showed your passion for pleasing and going over the top and we appreciated all you did!
Glad you have a rest from our demands requests packed plans- Whew !
Glad you could enjoy the song/poem from us so silly ones😉
Carry on LOVELY traveling for you too👏
Keep in touch!🌈🍀🙏Thanks sooo much – hoping for a pot o Gold for Ya !

[Note from Rob – indeed one of the craziest this year!]

Julie J****, CA, USA

Rob Little is an excellent driver and I’d like to say that putting your trust in Rob will not be misplaced. You will get an insider’s, “special access” tour with good humor and special care. Rob went above and beyond to make our trip special and comfortable. He recommended The Old Bell Hotel in Malmesbury based on our requirements as well as our hotel and home-base location in London. We could not have done any better and thoroughly enjoyed our experience thanks to Rob! You will leave your destination having made a special friend!

Beverley S****, Cleveland, OH

Thanks for an amazing, informative and entertaining tour!

Bernadette W*******, Delaware, USA

Our feet are on terra firma in CLE. Thanks much for all you did to make our trip awesome! Bless you. It was so it was wonderful for me that my children were able to come with me in September. But who knows………maybe I’ll find a way to come again and sign you up. There’s so much of England that is lovely and I could come over and over.

Linda S*******, Cleveland, OH

We all enjoyed you tremendously, and I wish I could say that I’m all set for another trip but my pocketbook needs to recover! Most of my elderly friends don’t want to travel anymo
I will be enjoying my memories for months to come.  It was a very special time for me.  You made it all work so beautifully and I can’t thank you enough.  Your patience and good spirits make you a super guide and travel companion. Stay well, and let’s stay in touch.

C**** R*****, Exeter, NH

Rob – it couldn’t have been a better trip for all of our family! Thanks for your excellent guiding and driving, sense of humor and patience! We all appreciate it so much.

The Crew (R***** family from New England)

A wonderful 10 day tour of Scotland and the Lake District, among other sites. Third time with Rob and it’s always great! He is well prepared, extremely knowledgeable, and loves to share intriguing “Little” places! Can’t wait for another opportunity to travel with “The Master of the Universe” as we call him!

Sharon O****** & Joe K****, Cherry Hill, NC

Rob; Dee and I want to thank you for the tour of a lifetime. The Cotswolds and Wales were merely brilliant under your expertise. We were especially appreciative of your careful driving and we know that none of those roundabouts were your idea!! Thanks, too, for producing those amazing videos of the Carnarfon Castle and the always beautiful River Dee. When you and your wife next plan to be in the New York area, please let us know.

Howard and Dee, NYC, USA

Rob gave us a fabulous tour of the Cotswolds and Wales! He has a wealth of knowledge and was eager to share his beloved countryside with us. He was always friendly, courteous, and very flexible about places to see and stops along the way. Don’t forget to ask him to fly his hi-definition video drone overhead at interesting sites; you won’t have to twist his arm! His large van is quite comfortable, with air-conditioning and plenty of circulating air, and he is an excellent driver. My only disappointment was that the windows don’t roll down for picture taking, but Rob was always willing to stop where safe, to open the large doors for some great shots. It’s hard to imagine a better tour-guide for the UK than Rob Little.

Ed and Ellen, Beaverton, OR August, 2018.

I can’t tell you how much we enjoyed the vacation, even if it was a bit idiosyncratic. You must admit, it is a little odd to look for places visited by someone (King Arthur!!) who probably never existed. For me, one of the best parts was spending time in conversation with you. The fact that we are of the same generation and shared many of the same cultural memories just added to the pleasure. (I will always remember our duet of the Robin Hood theme song.)
We look forward to seeing you again, either in not-so-sunny England or perhaps-a-little-sunnier Massachusetts.

Jeff M******** & Linda S********, Cambridge MA

We loved our trip to Ireland and the videos are marvelous. By now you’re out again doing another tour but we’re still recovering!! We loved the Merry Ploughboy pub in Dublin. I’m ordering some of their tapes for the car!! And, yes, we are serious abut the trip next year – we are looking forward to seeing you.

Susan & Jim B*****, Blandford, MA July 2018

Rob, thank you soooo much. We are now home in New York and unpacking. It was a busy trip, but one full of wonderful memories. Thank you again for your excellent leading and driving…God bless you and we will most likely hear from us again.

Sue L & Ralph W, NYC, USA

Ode to Rob
When you picked us up in London
You had no clue
How many times we’d ask
To stop at the Loo 😂
The changes you made to our Travel plans
Make you the BEST in
All the “Lands”
At times we were raunchy, even cheeky,
But never too freaky.
Six Californian beauties were
Quite the challenge –
But Group Photos, retail therapy,
Your entertaining stories…..
Surely helped you manage:
Cheers to you Rob for making our UK adventure so unforgettable…..!

Love from
Your California Girls – Clare, Julie, Lynne, Suzanne, Carol, Jeanette….😀
June  2018

[Note from Rob they were mad but lovely!!]

G’day Rob, we want to thank you for a wonderful tour of the beautiful Cotswolds. The amazing scenery along with your intimate knowledge and real passion for the area plus your insightful commentary made for a truly special experience. The locations you selected off the typical tourist trail were perfect. Thanks again for your tips and ideas for the rest of our UK holiday. When back in the UK we will definitely give you a call.

Barry & Claudine V********* & Girls, Nr Sydney, NSW

We had such a wonderful day with you on Tuesday and are so very, very grateful to you for showing us sooooooo much of the area. We know that you gave us more than the 5 hours and hope you enjoyed our company as well! If we ever come across anyone here who is planning a trip to England to that area, we will certainly send them your way It was an absolute pleasure meeting you. I will keep in touch and in two year’s time, when we return, we’ll schedule another tour with you!

❤ Arlene, Patty, Diane and Mae, Long Island, USA

Not wanting to rent a car, we engaged guide Rob Little to drive us in his comfortable VW van. We just spent the most marvelous nine hours on narrow back roads, through lovely rolling farms and quaint villages, stopping occasionally to explore churches or take photos. We even walked a public footpath 2.5 miles from Bibury to Coln St. Alwyns along a stream, mingling with sheep. Rob knows every inch of the region, is such good company, exactly the right person to provide the fulfilling Cotswold experience we’d hoped for. Highly recommended!

C******** M****, MA, USA

Thank you, Rob, for a wonderful day. Exactly how we had hoped to experience the Cotswolds. BTW I just found you on Trip Advisor by searching “Let’s Tour England ” but you are not on the list of “private tours in the Cotswolds.” Not sure how to remedy that. But I reviewed you so maybe that will increase your visibility. Not that you really want it or need it. Anyway we’re glad we found you.

Catharine & John ****, Arlington, MA

Rob – keep doing what you do, you do it so well.

Barbara H********, US Citizen now living in Hertfordshire

Rob – you are THE BEST tour guide ever !! In one week, Sarah and I have seen and experienced more of the Cotswolds than many people could expect to see in a year. All the estates, villages, small gardens, back roads, views and on and on – so very perfect – your commentary adding so much to our appreciation of this beautiful place! Getting to meet your family and pets, and seeing your lovely home and garden was an added treat. Thank you so much for a truly fairy-tale vacation and for the lovely book of photos!! You are a special friend !

Vicki *********, New Jersey & Sarah **********, Virginia

As I look over the 2100 photos, they fondly remind me of the wonderful time that we had in your expert care and guidance! Rob, we had such a good time. We can’t thank you enough for helping us plan our week long trip, driving us all around to the best places to photograph and educating us about the history of the Cotswolds. Thankfully, you avoided all of the more crowded, touristy areas and instead showed us some of the most beautiful, serene countryside I’ve ever seen. You allowed us to explore the Cotswolds at our own pace (especially on that hike through the wilderness and sheep meadows). Your week long itinerary was perfect – we have been fortunate to travel to a lot of beautiful places but our vacation in the Cotswolds was the best. Thank you so much for making this trip so special. It was a pleasure getting to know you. I could write a book of appreciation to you for such a spectacular tour – we talk about our trip all of the time, my photos are gorgeous and I couldn’t be more pleased with all of the places you took us so that I’d get some good shots. Oh and, yes, a DRONE would definitely be a great asset for you to keep track of your slow moving, map challenged guests Ha Ha !

Jay & Nancy B******, Cleveland, OH

Thank you for the photograph, but more than that, thank you for a wonderful vacation trip through the English country-side. I feel that this trip has created one of those wonder memories that persist and glow through the years. Everything happened as planned, every detail was well conceived and executed, and when circumstances (and the weather) demanded flexibility you were there to provide it. Alice and I came back from this trip with a warm, glowing feeling convinced that should we ever return to make a tour of northern England it would have to be with you.
Un abrazo,

Arturo & Alicia ******, Queretaro, Mexico

We had a wonderful “holiday” with you Rob ! Thank you for taking such great care of us.
We loved every place you took us. You’re the best !
Cheers !!

Kathy, Vince, Jim & Sherry, PA & DE, USA

We had an amazing two and a half week photo tour of the Cotswolds, northern Wales, the Lake District and the Yorkshire Dales. If you want to do a photographic tour of the UK, this is the way to go. Rob is not only an excellent tour guide who knows all the back roads to get to interesting locations, he is a photographer and thus knows the idiosyncrasies that we have. Besides knowing where to go to do photography, Rob is a great source of information on what you are seeing, its history, and has a great sense of humor. Don’t try to do a tour on your own; you will never find the locations Rob knows and you will have a nervous breakdown trying to drive on the one lane roads that the British think should permit two cars to pass.

Frank & Carole L****, Portsmouth, RI

Thanks for the tour Rob we had a marvelous time. Really enjoyed your tour, knowledge, personable demeanor, hearing all about the area, history, your family, career, and politics.

Sue (Redwood City, CA) & Diann (Seattle, WA)

We think back often of our time with you and the fun we had. And I am certainly glad you were able to adjust to Patrick’s sense of humor! You did a wonderful job adapting to our particular desires and made the time we had really count.

P****** & S L********, Maryland, USA

Rob we just loved your itinerary but I think we’d all be just as happy if you just drove us around a parking lot for 10 days, chatting and making us laugh !

A******* M******, Oregon, USA

Thanks again for a perfect Cotswold holiday and tour. From hotel, to restaurants to sights to see to just being hosted by you, an absolutely perfect holiday. Will certainly return. You are clearly the very best. Your tour of the Cotswold’s was letter perfect, educational, informative and most illuminating. Without a doubt you showed us every important nook and cranny of one of the world’s most picturesque places. As we start going through the photographs, we enjoy a wonderful time all over again. Circumstances permitting we will see you again next year—perhaps a bit earlier than August—in South Devon-Dartmouth or perhaps Scotland. You were a wonderful host—not a guide. THANK YOU!!!!!

C****** M*******, New York, NY

We got home safe & sound. Thanks again for all you did! We really enjoyed ourselves – thanks to you! So sorry to leave 😢

M*** & B**** V****, Sacramento, CA

Our sincere appreciation for a marvellous tour. We mentioned our tour with you to several fellow passengers on our subsequent river cruise, and, by the way, with glowing reviews. Your “off the main highway” approach was perfect for us!  People were interested that we found you on the internet. Hopefully some might remember your name for their next trip. This was an amazing trip to celebrate our 40th wedding anniversary, and you made it very special.  We will always remember your kindness and consideration for us and for my walking disability.  We hope that someday we might return for round two of “Rob On the Road”

A* & N**** L******, Sacramento, CA

We loved our tour with you Rob. In spite of some rainy days requiring changes to our plan, we were always able to find interesting and beautiful things to see, thanks to you. I remain very appreciative of how attentive you were to my disability which enabled me to do as much as possible.

B** & N**** L******, Concord, MA

We so enjoyed our time with you and all of Scotland. Your latest newsletter I received felt like you were talking just to D**** and I. I recognized so many of the pictures. As we are asked how our trip went, we can’t seem to tell all about the things we did and saw in a timely manner, everything was so visual, each area unique.

S** & D & L S*********, Detroit, MI

Rob, all of us on the Cotswolds tour last Monday agreed that it completely exceeded our expectations. My wife and I took a bus tour a few years ago – along with hundreds of others. We were herded between a few cities, never obtaining a true sense of living in the English countryside. We expected a similar tour with a little more local knowledge provided by you. We ended up spending 7 hours in the country; avoiding the hundreds of other folks with cameras. We came away with a true understanding of the history, the local inhabitants, economy, the architecture and a true vision of the beautiful countryside.

The first stop was Abbey House Gardens in Malmesbury. We were not overly excited about touring a garden – if you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all. Not true. This garden was a true highlight. All of our friends loved the place. The remainder of the day driving through the countryside, having a fantastic lunch at the Black Horse pub, and seeing the many small villages and towns was the perfect blend of activity. I think we saw 10 tourists the whole day.

We were blessed with a dry day and the landscape in full bloom. As it turned out the overcast day provided me with the perfect photography opportunity. Everyone also concurred that your commentary and local knowledge capped off the perfect day. We cannot thank you enough.

T** G****** & Friends from St Louis, Chicago & Seattle !, Los Angeles, CA

Rob – I add my comments here, having benefited from many who left them previously. Firstly, my husband and I are fairly experienced travelers and normally would not use a guide/driver for 6 days. However, I luckily convinced my other half we didn’t want the stress of driving, navigating and getting lost in the English countryside. Now he can’t imagine how we could have seen 20% of both the big sites and hidden gems of Dartmouth, Dartmoor, Bath, Wiltshire, Avebury, and more without Rob. Not only is Rob a wonderfully skilled driver, but he always knows where the break in the hedge is for the perfect photo. His recommendations for meals, hotels and sights are spot on. Our stress level was down to “DefCon Zero”, which is precisely right for vacation.

I love that he teased us for being laid back Californians and not wanting to start our day until 10:00! Hey, we’re on holiday and the jet lag was a bear…plus the English breakfasts deserve savoring. This was like traveling with a good and very patient and informed friend. We are now forever spoiled.

S** & S & T ****, Los Angeles, CA

Rob…..thank you for a wonderful tour of the Cotswolds!!! The effort and care you put into personalizing our itinerary which allowed me to share our family history with my children meant more than you can imagine. The sites you chose were brilliant and more than exceeded our expectations.
Your photography services were also greatly appreciated! I am definitely drawn to the area and wish I hadn’t waited so long to visit. I do believe we will be back and look forward to meeting up with you again.

S** & J** S******, Toronto, CN

We thoroughly enjoyed every moment we were in England – our travel throughout the country and time spent with you will be unforgettable. We appreciated your knowledge, insights into places “off the beaten path” and your remarkable driving skills!! We are already trying to find time to come back, explore possibly Wales and/or Scotland.

D & L S********, Northville, MI

Rob – I have been meaning to write to you in forever! While Paris was lovely, it pales in comparison to how I felt about traveling through the English countryside. You did such a fabulous job ticking off all of my wish-list items. Well, all except the white swans by the stone bridge on a sunny day with flowers on the embankment. But that only gives me more reason to someday return. Rob, I can’t thank you enough for showing us your world. I sing your praises to one and all.

C**** N****** , Washington DC, USA

“We are a couple with 4 children from Malaysia. Rob took us on a 12-day tour around England and Scotland. We found him on the website and was very glad it turned out to be a good decision. He was exactly what we were looking for, a guide cum driver who could take us all around UK. Travelling on the road enabled us to visit the countryside. We made countless scenic and food stops as we went along. His Volkswagen van was sturdy, comfortable, clean and have ample space for the 6 of us and the luggages.

From our first contact, all we did was tell Rob our tour objectives, preferences (likes and dislikes) and special interests. He then tailored a tour itinerary that matched our brief. Followed by a couple of back-and-forth discussions to fine-tune expectations. So we ourselves didn’t have to go through the daunting task of planning the things to do, places to see or mode of transportation to get there. During the tour, he was always willing to change plans according to the situation (weather, children interest, events happening).

Now having completed the tour and back home sorting out the pictures, we realised that though Rob wasn’t in them but his fingerprints were everywhere. He was the one behind the scene quietly planning and organising and making sure that at the end of each day, we and our children could say, “Oh, what a good day that was!”

For the fee that Rob charged, we felt that it was a very reasonable exchange for a hassle-free, worry-free travel. In the 12 days, we felt we had accomplished a lot. We truly got to know UK better – the lifestyle, food, culture, history etc. That had been our tour objective right from the beginning. Rob played a key role in helping us achieve that.

Rob, thank you so much. It had been a totally satisfying experience for our family. Unforgettable!”

“ 我們一對夫婦和4 個小孩來自馬來西亞。我們12 天遊包括英格蘭和西格蘭。通過網絡找到 ROB。他所提供的服務符合我們的需求,其中就是解決了我們的交通和行李包的問題。還有就是,經過陸地的行程使我們能夠拜訪許多小鎮,讓我們體會當地的習俗,文化,食物等等。


至於他的收費,我們覺得很公道。他負責整個行程計畫與安排,讓我們無憂無慮,輕省的渡假。雖然僅僅12 天,但感覺上好像完成了很多項目,走過很多地方,使我們更深一層了解英國, 包括它的文化,歷史,人民生活方式,食物等等。這從一開始就是我們的目的。ROB 幫助我們達到了。很值得!

我們返回家,整理照片時,領悟到 ROB 雖然沒有在照片中出現,但他卻是整個旅行行程的關鍵人物。他在背後默默地為我們作妥善的安排,讓我們一家度過了美好,難忘的假期。

非常感謝您, ROB!“

The T**** Family , Sarawak, Malaysia

Rob, our trip to England with you at the helm was about the most beautiful trip I have ever taken – what fun we had! I wish I could close my eyes and upon opening them be there among those fabulous gardens and landscapes once again. Thank you for your patience, your humor and being delightfully you. You built a memory for me that I will never let go of!

L**** L*** , TX, USA

It has been a week of unforgettable moments witnessing a bouquet of English Gardens ! Thank you for your precision – our experiences will be a precious keepsake. We will remember our amazing week because of you, who took such measures to make it unforgettable. Thank you !

L**** L***, Bellville TX & W****** L***, Dallas, TX

The bad news for us is we’re leaving you! The good news for you is we’re leaving you! Seriously, you made our stay so much more enjoyable. Thank you for all you did. We are madly in love with your beautiful country and hope to return and ask you to show us more sights !

V**** P********, Milford, NJ & S**** S********, Kilmarnock, VA

“Rob, you have chosen a very important role in life and in other people’s lives, as you assist them in enjoying new places, things and, especially, people. Thank you so much!”

J**** R***, Kingsport, TN

“I just wanted to let you know how often I think of our wonderful trip in England, seeing all the gardens. But, as wonderful as the gardens were, I really think that it was such a memorable tour because of you. It meant so much that you took us on the scenic back-roads that really gave us the flavor of the country, but, most of all, it was who you are that added so much to the tour. I still smile at things you said and the many ways you so enriched our experience. And I wanted to thank you for that! Be assured, that if I were to be thinking about another trip abroad, you would be the first one I would contact & I would be in mourning if you had retired!!”

K*** S******, San Antonio, TX

[I wanted to include this testimonial – I reminded this lady, in a Christmas Card that I took her on my very first extended tour, many years ago now. Her comments are very touching:]

“It was with much pleasure that I opened and read your Christmas card…..You wrote that we were your first extended tour and for that I will be forever grateful! You were wonderful and gave Peter and me such a nice time. My worst memory is of you heaving our excessive luggage up and down, at least, three flights of stairs in our hotel in York and being afraid that we might kill you. As to a best memory, there isn’t just one but many. Our days with you were a treat from beginning to end and so thoughtfully planned…..the travel notes in binders, the bottles of water, your willingness to keep on driving just one more mile in the Yorkshire Hills etc etc. When we parted in London I felt as though I were saying goodbye to a dear friend! I know that we were very lucky to have met you, and it all happened by fortuitous accident! I am so happy that it has developed into a successful business for you and I wish you continued good fortune! Do stay in touch as I love your emails and photographs and knowing how you are doing!”

E******** B********, Montreal, QC

“Thank you for going above and beyond to make it such an unforgettable trip. Because of you, I have a permanent souvenir I couldn’t get rid of if I tried ! Thank you for the trip of a lifetime ! “

D******* M****, Montvale, NJ

“Thank you so much for a fantastic vacation – it was simply amazing. And thanks for asking all my many many questions ! “

O***** A******, Glen Burnie, MD

“I can’t tell you how much I’ve enjoyed the past 10 days – you showed us so much more than I’d expected and I loved your sense of humor. Thank you so much. “

L**** A******, Powell, WY

We had such a good and easy time in the Cotswolds with Rob, starting with his dependably meeting us at the right time and place at Heathrow for the trip to the wonderful hotel in Malmsbury that he had arranged for us. No worries! Our trip should have been doomed to failure by the worst weather imaginable – constant rain for our three day tour, but Rob rose to the occasion and made great fun of the adversity. Time went too quickly – sights and Pubs, sights and Pubs and more sights – then way too soon we were delivered to our cruise ship in Southampton. We’ve got many great memories and photos though, and will look forward to getting together in the future with our congenial guide and new friend Rob to roam farther afield. Maybe with a little sunshine thrown in. Thanks again Rob for all you did to make our trip fun and memorable.

S**** & M***** G*******, Scottsdale, AZ

Rob this was one of our most memorable tours – it was an Amazing experience! Your humor, knowledge and patience added so much to our experience. Also it seemed that everyday you added a small surprise that made our experiences even more memorable.

D & J J*******, St Charles, IL

“We are glad to be home but let it be known that we had the time of our lives with you in “Merry Old England”. You took us to all the right places and we did as much as possible in the allotted amount of time. If and when we return to Britain, you will be at the top of our travel planning list and we would recommend your services to our friends without hesitation.”

D** L***, Paso Robles, CA

Rob, we had the best time ever with you! Your knowledge and ability to read your customers made our trip extra special. We all have a “warm and fuzzy” feeling when we think of you. You made our trip a dream come true, We are hoping to get back and do another trip soon.

, S**** B*****, Stockbridge, MA

“We really appreciated the care you took of us to make sure everything was going fine for us, answering our questions, making sure we understood the itinerary for the day, and being flexible when we took much longer at some places than usual. We thoroughly enjoyed our time with you. You are generous and approachable.”

St***** Family, Bakersfield, CA

[These people were on a “King Arthur” tour !!]
“I can’t tell you how much we enjoyed the vacation, even if it was a bit idiosyncratic. (You must admit. It is a little odd to look for places visited by someone who probably never existed.) For me, one of the best parts was spending time in conversation with you. The fact that we are of the same generation and shared many of the same cultural memories just added to the pleasure. (I will always remember our duet of the Robin Hood theme song.)”

We look forward to seeing you again, either in not-so-sunny England or perhaps-a-little-sunnier Massachusetts.

J M*******, Wellesley, MA

“Rob you have been a treasure for us on our trip to England. We cannot thank you enough for all you have done for us. A highlight was meeting your family and being invited into your home and garden. You are a remarkable tour guide and we will never forget our trip here. We love England and experiencing it with you has been a joy”

D**** C******, Greenville, SC

“You have been wonderful to us and we appreciate everything you’ve done to show us this beautiful area and to take us to so many gardens”

J**** H****, Charleston, SC

“You have taken such good care of us which made our trip so special. The views of the Cotswold countryside were a highlight of the trip. You will be part of my memories of my special English vacation – thanks so much”

E****** W****, SC, USA

“Thanks for everything – we enjoyed your company and knowledge of the local area. I know we were a challenge but we had a great time and enjoyed ourselves !”

H & R P******, Orlando, FL

“A heart felt THANK YOU for a fabulous trip. We will be back to explore more and in greater depth !!”

B**** & K******** Families, Pittsburgh, PA

“Well Rob, you did it again – you made our dream trip to Scotland a resounding success. Kevin and I can’t thank you enough for all you’ve done; your sense of humour and comradery made all the drives so enjoyable. I appreciate your attention to detail and reliability since I never had to worry about a thing, and if I’m happy, Kevin’s happy ;). Kevin says that of your scenic drives, “Two lanes is one lane too many…..” – the one lane travels along the small scenic tracks and roads were fantastic. I’ve got many great photos and memories. I feel we”ve had a great trip and gained a good friend. We still have a few countries to check out – do they do sheep in Wales…..? “

K & K B******,Tampa, Florida

“I can’t thank you enough for the fabulous tour of North Yorkshire. I loved every bit of it. Your country is so beautiful and diverse in culture and scenery. I am so thankful that we have you to introduce us to England. I am also grateful for your side job as a counselor for weary travelers who are about to have a melt down.”

D****** A***,VA, USA

“We have just returned from a very exciting, fun-filled and educational 10 day tour of Ireland with Rob Little. Since we have been involved with dairying in one form or another throughout our 40 years of marriage, we were afforded very few opportunities for a trip such as this. We will be forever grateful to Rob for making it a trip of a lifetime. His organization of our itinerary, willingness to go the extra mile in helping find a long lost cousin and arranging a dairy farm visit are just a few examples of Rob making our trip extra special. We were able to enjoy all aspects of Ireland – the beauty of it’s landscape, the music, the friendliness and hospitality of it’s people, the joys and sorrow the Irish people have endured and overcome, all in the company of a very knowledgeable, friendly and most humorous tour guide, Rob Little. Many, many thanks and God bless.”

TJ & D S***, Greenwood, Wisconsin

“Hi Rob – think we are having England withdrawal! We haven’t had a decent Ploughman’s Lunch since we got back to Florida, we haven’t seen any sheep lately and we haven’t been in a building older than 110 years. Its great to have visited the actual places where the Inspector Morse and Inspector Lynley mysteries were set and now I know what a “hedge” and a “kissing gate” and an ancient “barrow” really are! We try not to bore our friends too much but we are still talking about our wonderful trip – in fact I have referred you to a friend of a friend who would like to do a guided tour in England and Scotland and maybe Ireland. I raved about how great you were especially in figuring out a tour that would match our personalities and interests. Has the weather continued clear and hot for you ? I still don’t believe it ever rains in England-I certainly never saw any rain when I was there:)”

The B****’s, Florida, USA

“Thank you so much, Rob, for making our trip a real “once in a lifetime” memory ! We saw parts of your country that we never would have seen – it was just beautiful and great weather. Your commentary was interesting and amusing and thanks for making us feel so at ease – you were great ! “

K & K B******, Tampa, FL

Rob, you were the highlight of our trip! Loved that day! And we will absolutely come back and see you again for a longer trip!

K*** S*****, Midland TX

We want to thank you again for being so patient with us; for being so kind and caring with our “stresses”…..for trying hard to please us; and for sharing your love of the Cotswolds with us, back roads and all. They were the highlight of our trip and everyone’s favorite part. Loved it!

All in all we had a “bloody, bloomin, happy, good time”…and thank you for your part in that !!

S**** R****** , CT, USA

How can we ever thank you for giving us this wonderful taste of England ? Certainly the gardens and castles have been great but the best parts were in-between – our chats and laughs with you ! You’ll see us again – don’t try to hide – we’ll find you !”

A***** M***** , Bend, OR

“Thanks so much for such a wonderful experience ! The gardens were all beautiful and the added touches you gave us were a treat. But most of all thanks for being such a great guy and tour guide”.

K*** S****** , San Antonio, TX

“I feel my soul has been healed by this beautiful week in England and with you as our tour guide. You treated us like family.”

L***** G********, Modesto, CA

You have made our trip so very special and we will never forget our experience. You made us feel like Royalty ! We can’t wait to plan our next trip……..

G & R F*****, Warrenton, VA

Note from Rob Little: Many thanks to our Customers – actually friends from Belgium who were kind enough to send a hard copy of the photo-books depicting their trip with me to the UK. Translated from Dutch into English it is often hilarious – they had a great time and for anyone interested, please email me and I can share the electronic version with you !

Many thanks to Jan and Inez !

Rob I just wanted to more formally thank you for such a splendid day in the Cotswolds. It turned out to be our favorite day of the trip, and it certainly wouldn’t have been so without your genuine love for the area. It was such a “personal” tour, and I will never forget it! 🙂

A** F********, UT, USA

Thank you for a fabulous tour of the Cotswolds and beyond ! You are a brilliant guide – we love you !

B & N *********, Natives of Tennessee now living in England !

Rob Little is a brilliant guide of the Cotswolds – he conducts the most authentic and best tours of the Cotswolds and any other UK location you’re interested in booking. The trip really was the best in recent memory because he made it just like a trip with a very good friend.

P**** K*****, Houston, TX

Rob – a thousand thanks for showing us around in your wonderful and beautiful country. Thanks for the humour, the flexibility and every care and effort taken.

J** L***, Flanders, Belgium

Rob, Our tour of the Cotswolds was terrific. What a wonderful way to see more than just London. We both appreciated this excursion through English countryside. The villages and the vistas were spectacular. The pub lunch was delicious and the atmosphere one of a kind. So glad that you, being a local, know the interesting information. You made the tour delightful, one of the highlights of our entire three week vacation. Thanks and best wishes,

N & B A******** (Californians)

We just returned from 5 days of touring the Cotswolds with Rob Little and
there is no question that our enjoyment and experience of the beauty, history and uniqueness of the area was a direct result of Rob. He is knowledgeable, witty and very flexible. we presented him with the kinds of experiences we wanted to have and he made them happen! He knew the area like the palm of his hand – if we wanted fish and chips, he took us to the best place in the whole area! We marveled at his skill in maneuvering back roads and showing us the REAL Cotswolds, not just the one you see from the main roadways. His van is very comfortable with lots of large glass windows to see in all directions. Each day was a sheer delight, filled with amazing sights. I am also very grateful for the way he catered to my 88 year old mother who had broken her wrist the week before we arrived. He was so caring and attentive to her needs.
i highly recommend rob for whatever your European touring plans may be!

K** F******, Boulder, CO

WOW!!! What a way for a Yank to see France!!! Having one of our old Allies the Brits showing the way!!! Actually this is the second time our family went to France with Rob. There’s no better way! Being able to set your own time table, and choosing the places you want to go and see, is an outstanding way to see the country. Not only did we see the American battlefields and cementery ,but also Mulberry Harbour and the fascinating cement bridges, but also the country side stopping for a picnic lunch along the way. Visiting Rouen, Honfluer ( Rob’s right-this is a lovely place) Versailles, and Paris. One of the best things was that traveling this way, you don’t have to wait until everyone gets back on a tour bus or find a bathroom that can accomodate the whole crowd. Seems like when you tour that way-you spend more time waiting than seeing! Rob is a great “driver” and knows the area well. He has become a true friend as well as a tour guide. We would recommend him very highly for anyone that would like to see the unusual as well as the “tourist” sights. Great job, Rob and thanks again.

WC, PC and JC, —Auburn, Alabama—“War Eagle!!”

I wanted to send you a note to thank you for the wonderful tour I had with my father to Normandy and Paris. You were a great tour guide, very helpful, very accommodating and just an all around great person to be with. This tour will always have a special place in my heart and your gracious hosting made it all the more wonderful. I will forever treasure the picnic we had, that is one thing you should suggest for all your itineraries. You had some fantastic ideas of what we could see and I thoroughly enjoyed them all.

J**** C****, West Palm Beach, FL May 2012

We had the most delightful trip and getting to know you so much fun. We saw more than we bargained for and then some. You did a fabulous and caring job, making sure our trip was perfect.

C**** C*******Atlanta GA March 2012

You put so much heart into what you do, and your artistic soul shines through your effort.

P**** B****, Manila, Philippines

We came to the UK for a family wedding and it was a rather serendipitous click on Google that led me to you and I will forever be grateful for that. What a font of knowledge you are!

S**** M****, Manila, Philippines

I appreciated your patience when we all had to wait an extra 3 hours to get my bag from British Airways that hadn’t arrived on the same flight as me. You’d gotten up so early to be there on time for everyone’s arrival and my family had spent 10 hours in the Hong Kong airport waiting for their connecting flight to London. We were all quite exhausted and yet, you were jolly and upbeat. It made it all seem so much easier to cope with. Again, many thanks.

B**** M****, Little Rock, AR, USA

夏天曾带7位大陆客人闲暇期间游览科茨沃茨。在寻找当地接待公司时,发现英国华人旅行社因路况或熟悉度等原因,很难安排当地的深度旅游。在当地旅游组织的网站上,找到了几家本土旅游公司的联系方式。多方联系中,发现网站做的既成熟,沟通起来又亲切的是小罗伯特的“让我们一起游英格兰” :www.letstourengland.com
Leading 7 business customers from Mainland China to travel Cotswolds this summer, I found it hard to find suitable local Chinese Agent due to the familiarity of the local area. Through the local travel organization, I finally found Rob Little’s interesting and friendly www.letstourengland.com among several local agents.

Rob has been very efficient and professional during the communications. After paid off the service charge, he still has been flexible and friendly responding all my questions and requests as well as changes. After meeting him, his strong sense of humor brought us lots of laugh and good memories, which changed our expression on the traditional English people. All my customers asked him to take pictures with him and all regarded him as our best driver and guide during the whole UK trip.

Being reliable, responsible, professional, kind and funny is the words we sum up for Rob Little. And I will definitely like to cooperate with him in future and recommend him to my friends. To be kindly noted, “Little” is Rob’s family name, yet he is not little at all. Besides, he struggled to use chopsticks while sweating a lot eating spicy food with us at the Chinese restaurants.

B***** E******, Chinese Tour Operator, LA USA & Beijing China

We wanted to spend the majority of our budget with a driver, and made an excellent choice with Rob. He truly helped to make our trip special.

We did not know what to expect at first but were truly ecstatic by the end of our journey. I have had a few other driver/guides in the past and can honestly say he has been the best. He was wonderful with both the young ladies (in their early teens) and the Mom’s.

Rob is extremely knowledgeable, flexible and creative. We did most everything we wanted to do in our limited time frame and more. His experience, honesty and knowledge truly helped make our trip special. When I asked him if he could stop at some point to take pictures of wild poppies, he not only stopped but took us to one of the highlights of my trip, an amazing huge field of poppies that I was able to take fantastic pictures of with the girls. Rob really “got” what we wanted to see and do as a group. He was able to guide us to locations that we would never have known about without his experience. Not every guide can read a diverse group of women!

J** S***, Columbia, MO, USA

Thank you for all the extras you included in our trip. We covered a lot of territory but I still feel as though I only scratched the surface. I didn’t realize a small country, geographically speaking, could be so diverse and hold so much. I only wish I had traveled to Great Britain years ago. Maybe I will be fortunate enough to make it back again. Thank you once again.

H**** & D**** W****, Boston, MA, USA

Karen and I had a truly enjoyable time experiencing this piece of “heaven on earth” with you. We agree that seeing it with you undoubtably gave us a view and insight to the area we would not have been able to acheive any other way. Along with the Scottish Highlands, our tour of the Cotswolds were the highlights of our trip to the UK. Thanks again for helping to make our trip memorable.

D*** S*****, Wilmington, DE, USA

Rob……thanks for the wonderful trip. We had a spectacular time. I wish we had spent another day or two in the country with you rather than back in London. Three days in the Cotswolds was not enough! As I said on the trip, the Cotswolds are an area filled with nooks and crannies and you know each nook and each cranny. We are especially grateful for your ability to take us off the beaten path and show us Cotswolds that we would have never found on our own.

T&K W***, VA, USA

“We recently had the great pleasure of taking a tour of England and Scotland with our guide, Rob Little. Rob was an excellent guide! He was extremely knowledgeable about our tour sites and he offered numerous options for things to do along the way that were not originally on our tour. His insights and guidance allowed us to see and do more than we expected on our vacation. Rob was very professional, yet extremely approachable and pleasant to be with everyday. Even in the midst of dealing with a personal family crisis, he handled himself with great poise and professionalism, which allowed us all to be at ease and to enjoy our tour. I would highly recommend Rob Little for anyone planning a trip to England.”

A & R C******, Fort Mill, SC, USA

We truly enjoyed our time with you and the tour exceeded all of our hopes and expectations. Thank you for the wonderful vacation experience and for always going the extra mile (literally) for us !

F & R Z***, Sacramento, California, USA

(Comment after a 10 day trip to the Normandy Beaches in France, Paris, the Champagne area and Bruges in Belgium)
Rob: You are so special! You’re interesting, curious, fun and just great to be around! Because of you, the travel from one place to another was a breeze. I really appreciate the fact that you were the ultimate Project Manager! You asked what my favorite part of the vacation was and while it was fun to sit in the little cafes and people watch, I still come back to the picnics. From the selection of baguettes and cheeses and pate and wine to the beautiful views from the river and across the vine fields, I truly felt that “it doesn’t get better than this.”

SOB, New Jersey, USA

“Thank you for the pictures and comments you post on your blog. They are a special, treasured gift we receive just about every day – please do keep it up. Love the Tetbury photos too – your little corner of heaven, isn’t it? And most of all – thanks for the memories!!!!!”

N & S, Kentucky, USA

“Our tour of the English countryside with Rob was our favorite part of our vacation to the UK. Rob had two tough customers to please: a 10-yr and 7-yr-old! He made the tours interesting for them and for the adults, too. He took us to the destinations we requested, but made stops along the way that revealed English history in a memorable and visually beautiful fashion. A particular family favorite was the walk from Bibury to Coln St. Aldwyns. The scenery was truly breathtaking, and the walk reminded these busy tourists that simple things can provide the best memories.”

W & B B*********, NYC, USA

“I just completed a ten-day trip through England and France with Rob Little. There is nothing small about Mr. Little but his name – his level of dedication to his patrons, his knowledge of routes and places, his creativity, and the pleasure he obviously derives from doing a good job are all of a grand scale. There are few greater pleasures than a picnic arranged by Mr. Little on a French roadside or beach. To Americans, I would describe his tours as super. To Britons, I would describe his tours as brilliant. “

H & S H****, KY, USA

“We are just back from the very successful group garden tour from Texas to the Cotswolds, Jersey and Sussex / Kent with a visit to the Chelsea Flower Show on Members day.
The tour was a lot of fun and people felt that they were getting to know the real England and Jersey. We were able to include some very special opportunities in the tour, that only an insider can offer. In that respect, I wanted to tell you how much I appreciate your recommendation to stay at the Old Bell in Malmesbury with the group. The hotel staff were charming hosts, the hotel is in a lovely position in the town and everyone enjoyed the good food and without your personal recommendation it is unlikely that we would have picked that hotel and it really added to the tour and has a lot of character – so thank you for that.
Also you particularly recommended a visit to the Abbey House gardens in Malmesbury, which I had never seen. We chose to have one of the owners, Barbara, give us her own special brand of introduction and discussion on the gardens, as she escorted us round. This was an expensive option, but delightful. The gardens themselves are outstanding and the owner is a wonderful interpreter of the purpose of the garden and a most attractive and interesting person and speaker. This experience too, was much enjoyed by the group and we have you to thank again for the idea of going there.
Many thanks again for your successful recommendations and all the best for 2010.”

A H*****, Tour Organiser, Atlanta, GA USA

“Rob…..I’ve really been enjoying your blog! Makes me feel I’m still on vacation”

E C – Kentucky, USA

“This is one of the few vacations I’ve taken where I was not ready to come home when it was over! Thank you so much for for making our time in England so enjoyable! It was just all so wonderful that I have still not “processed” it all.
As soon as I get myself together I will go on all the “tourist guide” websites I can find and let them know that they should only use Let’s Tour England with Rob Little!”

L & E C**** – Murray, KY, USA

“Rob Little is a tour guide extraordinaire. I can’t believe how much we saw in the time we had. As an avid photographer I appreciated the fact that he went out of his way to stop when I wanted to snap a shot. He knew where to go to get a great shot and often pointed out something I hadn’t seen. He was also very knowledgeable and kept us entertained with snippets of life in England. Thank you so much for making my vacation the best ever! I’ll certainly come back for more as soon as I can!”

Karen B***** – Winthrop, Maine, USA

“Never having been to England and Wales, I was a little hesitant to use a company I had found on the Internet. So, I asked Rob Little for some references, which he willingly provided. I called all three, and every person raved about Rob. They were all very open and anxious to talk about their trips with Rob as their driver and personal guide. They had nothing but positive comments, and told me to contact them with any further questions I might have when planning our trip. Most followed up with emails suggesting “not to miss” places, and telling me that Rob knew lots of spots that are off the typical tourist route. I was sold and had no hesitations booking our “once in a lifetime” family trip with Rob Little. My husband and I wanted to take our two kids – 22 and 18 – plus their significant others, on a trip that would be their first taste of travel abroad since none of them had been to Europe or the UK. And since kids grow up and move away, it was a perfect opportunity to do something big and memorable. I am so thankful we found Rob. Our trip was everything we could have hoped for and more. He was incredibly helpful in planning our itinerary, made recommendations throughout the planning stages, and always went the extra mile, both literally and figuratively. In essence, I don’t think I could have found anyone better to take us through the beautiful places in the Cotswolds, the south of Wales, down to the coastline to see Brixham and Dartmouth and back up to London, stopping in Salisbury and Stonehenge. He’s simply the best! Everyone agreed, even my kids, who said that working with Rob was the best decision I could have made. He made all the difference. Trust me….”

Sharon & Joe K*** – Cherry Hill, New Jersey, USA

“Rob Little helped craft a wonderful itinerary for our recent tour of the Cotswolds – we had just the right amount planned for each day. We were able to enjoy many interesting sights while learning about those with Rob’s guidance. Having a driver who was knowledgeable about the many rural areas, villages, and roads truly enhanced our tour. I would, without hesitation, recommend Rob’s “Lets Tour England” service.”

M*** H****** – Chillicothe, Missouri, USA

“My Italian friends and I really enjoyed our 3-day tour of the Cotswolds with Rob: he knows every hidden spot, he told us lots of interesting little stories about the places we visited and he is really good fun. Actually I would say he is the perfect guide to the Cotswolds!”

J**** L*** – Milan, Italy

“Abbiamo fatto un tour dei Cotswolds di 3 giorni con Rob Little e devo dire che Rob conosce gli angoli più nascosti ed interessanti della zona. Ci ha raccontato tante storie interessanti ed anche divertenti…raccomando indubbiamente di fare un tour con lui…ne vale sicuramente la pena! “

J**** L*** – Milano-Italia

“Rob made the planning of our tour so easy. There were a few things we knew we had to see on our visit to England but he was able to show us so many other fantastic villages and vistas right off the usual tourist route and we loved that! We even went into a village baker’s kitchen which was cool, and a fantastic farmers market. We also like the fact he took the trouble to call us many times before we left the USA, with advice on where to go and what to see so we knew he was “real”.”

B**** L******* – Hanover, NH

“We went to England about a year ago with friends (four of us) and could not have had a better time touring than with Rob Little. He was friendly, fun, knowledgeable and flexible, and we highly recommend his services. He will take you where you want or places that he knows that are off the tourist path. He made our trip delightful”

D D**** –Delmar, NY

“I am home now, telling my family and friends how much fun C**** and I had in England. Your tour was EXCELLENT, and we were so appreciative of the extra time you gave us. I still can’t believe how much we saw and learned! I am recommending you unequivocally to my mom and her friends when they visit England later in the year.”

G V***** –Boston MA

“Thank you so much for the “Great Holiday Experience”. The Ladies said to especially thank you for the “walk down the hill” between Upper and Lower Slaughter – they felt like they were in a faraway part of the English countryside!”

S & P D**** –Lilburn, GA – USA

“We have been home from England for a week now and are still reveling in our trip. The Cotswolds were all we had hoped they would be with the old, quaint villages and country manor houses; beautiful rolling hills; and lovely flora and fauna. It is obvious that you love the Cotswolds and are eager to guide visitors to locales they never would find on their own! We appreciate how well you created a tour based on our interests and desires. Your recommendations for accommodations were great and our stay at The Old Bell Hotel in Malmesbury was lovely. Any visit to England that does not include the Cotswolds is not complete. If you have not seen the Cotswolds, you have not seen true England! We hope to visit again in May when all the gardens will be in full bloom. Thank you for enhancing our tour and making us feel at home.”

J & L-A G**** –Atlanta, GA

“We got in about midnight Friday night. Did enjoy the day with you so much. Thanks for the pictures. I had forgotten how pretty the Cotswolds are and how different from the rest of the country. Hope I can send you some business.”

P A**** –Travel Agent, Dallas, TX

“Being back in the office I would just like to give you a quick feedback that everything went very well with our Customers. Its been a pleasure driving with you again and I hope there will be an opportunity to work with you again soon 😉 Thank you again for being so helpful before our trip and such a reliable company!”

R**** Z**** –Press & PR Executive VisitBritain Germany

“I have been bragging about the great job you did. Keep it up. Hope to see you one day here in the states. Take care and keep in touch.”

J and E T******* –Winchester, VA

“We had our best day in the uk with you today. It was fantastic. We will definitely pass your name on. Again…thank you for such a wonderful day!!!”

J & D T******* –Danbury Connecticut

“Thank you so much for everything! We both agree that the Cotswolds was our favorite part of the vacation. The itinerary you put together for us was wonderful. It suited our needs perfectly!”

S M******* –Alpena, MI

“Thanks again for a wonderful 3 days. You did an awesome job with the arrangements. Thanks so much. If there is anything we can do for you, such as a referral, just let us know. ”

Jeff & Mary B**** –Atlanta

“You are wonderful. SO helpful and informative and we loved our day out in the country. Without a doubt we would recommend you and really appreciate that you were willing to make our day as good as possible. We know we were asking for a lot!”

Margarita B****** –Connecticuit

“We’re home
again safe and sound – thanks again for the wonderful trip (to Paris and the Normandy Invasion Beaches).  You were a great driver,
very attentive and well informed.  Keep in touch.”

Phyllis and Bill C*** –Alabama

“We appreciated your exceptional attention to our travel requirements.  We have had an excellent “voyage” with you – many thanks!”

A & DManchester, NH

“The Yorkshire trip was an outstanding success and Rob was terrific…he put out 150% or more at all times.”  To quote Peter: “ The tour was superb.  I can’t imagine that we could have crammed anything more in.  Rob was an enthusiastic guide who added much to our
enjoyment with his warm personality and his efforts to ensure that we would see some intriguing ‘off the trail’ spots.  Rob had explored ahead of us and had good additional suggestions.  I have nothing but praise for the entire operation.”

And a special accolade to Rob for his cheerful and competent handling of our tour.  We can’t help you improve as we were entirely satisfied…thank you for putting it all together.”

Elizabeth B***Montreal, QC

“We had an amazing tour with you and have no critique to offer. You put in all sorts of effort to make sure we were comfortable and saw everything possible in the time available, and for that we thank you so very much.”

Peter W***Canada

“We just want to thank you again for making our vacation so special.  We had a great time. Absolutely wonderful!  Happy memories!”

Mike & Jane McCoolFront Royal, VA

“My family joins me in thanking you and your wife for making our vacation through the Cotswolds and beyond a most memorable and comfortable trip.  Anyone able to keep my rambunctious 4 and 7-year-old grandchildren interested and content deserves a
medal and you have certainly earned it.  Next year in Devonshire.
Many thanks

Charles G. M****New York City

“You were one of the key people in the arrangements for our special day – my partner and I were travelling to Tetbury from Florida to get married in England!”

“Initially we just wanted you to shuttle us to the Church, but as the date got nearer we asked you for help more and more – to shuttle from central London to Tetbury, some sightseeing tours and returns to the airport after the wedding.  I was so disappointed when, in
the end, you felt you could not accept our invitation to attend our reception as a guest.  You did a fantastic job in coordinating the transport for 30+ people with four vans, and your meticulous organization ensured the day ran smoothly.  Our guests found all the transportation services so reliable and friendly.  Rob is a great ambassador for The Cotswolds and England!”

Charlotte and Len ****Miami, Fl

“We had a wonderful day out, touring The Cotswolds.  Rob Little was very knowledgeable, and we had an elevated view from the van so we were able to see over the hedges to the rolling green fields and beautiful stone walls beyond.  Rob knew just the right places to take us for the “wow” factor and that included a wonderful lunch at the Black Horse Pub in Naunton Village.  I can still taste the wonderful fish
and chips in beer batter washed down with a pint of English ale!”

Roger & Barbara A****Portland, Or

We have preserved the privacy of those who have provided these testimonials but are happy to refer you to past customers on request.