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Rob Little’s Blog – musings of an English / British Tour Guide where I not only vent about things that “get my goat” but, also, publish lovely photos and eccentric stories about “this Sceptered Isle”!

Valentines Day drive out across the Cotswolds…..
Wednesday, 15th February 2023

Its Valentines Day and the snowdrops are in abundance so what nicer way of spending the afternoon was a drive through a part of The Cotswolds that I do not often visit with my ladies, Bev and Gladys.

First the Estate owned village of Miserden with its stone houses then on to Rendcomb.

The Cotswolds looked stunning today.

Rob Little
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Bath and Gloucester Steam Express – 4th February 2023
Saturday, 4th February 2023

The Bath and Gloucester Steam Express just after 4pm on Saturday 4th February 2023 – from Dann’s Overbridge, Haresfield, near Gloucester.

The Bath and Gloucester Steam Express left London Paddington early on Saturday morning. Some passengers left the train in Bath, the train then went to Gloucester. After “service” in Gloucester, we see the train here returning to Bath.

The train was hauled by locomotive 45699 named ‘Galatea’.

What a nostalgic sight?

Rob Little
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River Coln in Flood…..

After nearly six inches of rain in the past three weeks I decided to send out the white doves and venture out of the arc to see if any life had survived.

Thankfully it had so I set out along the River Coln to view the damage!

Rob Little
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I love Boris’s description of Kier Starmer, Labour Party leader in the UK…..

“Sir Crasheroony-Snoozefest the human bollard”…..

The fact I even had to explain who he is belies his dullness and lack of charisma!

Bring back Boris !!

Rob Little
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RIP David Crosby…..died age 81
Friday, 20th January 2023

RIP David Crosby…..

What an legend…..memories of “The Summer of Love”…..!

Rob Little
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“Hi Ho Silver Lining”….. RIP Jeff Beck age 78 😢
Thursday, 12th January 2023

“Hi Ho” was an iconic favourite at parties and in the clubs and discos in the early 70s and beyond although it’s appeal was to a different audience than his preferred “heavy metal” genre.

He will be sadly missed by his old mates and increasingly reflective fans.

Rob Little
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All I can say after watching “The Late Show” is “Vive la différence.” 🤬
Wednesday, 11th January 2023

We tend to think we are alike – you guys in North America and us Brits and in many ways we are. But having seen several interviews with Prince Harry over the past few days, and hearing the self indulgent whinging of this privileged man, doing a hatchet job on his family while claiming to hope their differences can be resolved….well, he is delusional.

No thinking person can be in doubt about the menace of the Press, but lets not forget, this shy and retiring man, fled his country to protect his family and to escape the attention of the press and, ever since, he has courted their attention on his terms with soft interviews – such as the extraordinary “audience” with Oprah Winfrey.

So the shy family who seek nothing but privacy in their Montecito mansion prostitute themselves to Netflix and then to the latest exposé – the autobiographical book, “Spare”.

So did Stephen Colbert invite a “soft” audience to last nights show? Probably not because from what we hear, many Americans absolutely love Prince Harry whereas across the pond, most feel utter distain for his behaviour in recent years and his blatent lack of respect for his father and brother and for the late Queen and her husband.

For the interview with Colbert to revolve around drinking tequila and an extended conversation to centering on the Prince’s penis, simply shows that far from shunning publicity and the press, Prince Harry is getting off on immersing himself in the nonsensical smut he has written about in the book.

No way back mate….just stay there with yer grouch of a wife – you are not welcome back in Blighty me ole mate.


Rob Little
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As Promised…..I love this !!
Tuesday, 10th January 2023

Particularly like the comments around being in love with one’s wife made by the commentator….


Rob Little
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And finally, the “Ginger Whinger” goes to print…..

The Harry and Meghan horror is a total freak show – a celebration of the put upon class who won’t tolerate the hoi polloi being curious about their opulence.

I heard a brilliant commentary on this latest piece of English literature that I cannot possibly improve on so will post it when it appears on YouTube!!

In the meantime…..




Rob Little
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Long live “The Land of the Free”…..🤔
Saturday, 7th January 2023

Here we go again – “The Land of the Free” allows conditions where a six year old can carry a gun to school and shoot a teacher…..

This happened in Virginia.

Police say “It was NOT an accident”.

Go figure.

Over here, we find the prospect utterly sickening.

Rob Little
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Lets Tour England !