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Rob Little’s Blog – musings of an English / British Tour Guide where I not only vent about things that “get my goat” but, also, publish lovely photos and eccentric stories about “this Sceptered Isle”!

Fat Man rides tiny bike to Abergavenny for Easter “EGGtravaganza” !
Thursday, 21st April 2022

Fat Man rides tiny bike – my Yamaha YB100 -to Abergavenny for the traditional Cyclemotor Easter Extravaganza !

So I decided to attend the annual Easter Cyclemotor event at Abergavenny in Wales by riding to the Venue from home.

MY ROUTEhttps://goo.gl/maps/jFjg233y4FFFLsXX6

I met up with my mate, Dave, on the English side of the River Severn Bridge and rather than being blown around by trucks and cars doing 80mph on the road section of the bridge, we opted to cross on the “footpath” !

We met at 8:30am and rode our bikes up to the start at Abergavenny, past the blooming Oil Seed Rape, via the little town of Usk and following the River Usk for much of the way.

We arrived early – but not early enough for a coffee eh Dave?

The run itself was uneventful along some beautiful roads but as it was only 20 miles I decided to extend my tour by going further into “The Principality” !!

See what happened in the next video !

Rob Little
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Lets Tour England !

Tuesday, 19th April 2022

Nice view of Grittleton, Wiltshire.

Rob Little
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Lets Tour England !

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A “proving” ride for the YB & training for my @r$€ …..
Monday, 18th April 2022

Some of you may know I I am challenging my (almost) septuagenarian self to a trip around the coast of Ireland in June – about 1700 miles!

So I need to get myself and the bike – my 1989 Yamaha YB100cc – into training – particularly my backside!

So I drove to Cheltenham to see my son’s family yesterday then across to Monmouth in Wales and The Wye Valley before returning home over the Severn Bridge. Similar to the ride I had on the Royal Enfield Meteor a few weeks ago but, the YB is FAR less comfortable !!

We both survived. It got cold out of the sun and colder when the sun went down but I was home before dark. See route below:


I have a few more runs before I get the bike serviced – only a short video but you can see the whole thing on “streetview” if you want to !!

Rob Little
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Lets Tour England !

Friday Night is Fish Night !!
Saturday, 16th April 2022

Cooking and enjoying our Good Friday fish….Skate Wings

Rob Little
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Lets Tour England !

Flowers in our Cotswold Garden…..
Friday, 15th April 2022

Flowers in our Cotswold Garden, Easter 2022.

Lovely !

Rob Little
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Lets Tour England !

Sounds of The Old Railway Line, Tetbury in late March…..
Thursday, 14th April 2022

Sounds of The Old Railway Line, Tetbury in late March…..

Lots of deafening birdsong!

Rob Little
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Lets Tour England !

Worn down by a paranoid wife…..
Tuesday, 12th April 2022

“Robert” she said “You are NOT to leave the house again today…..”

This was back two years ago, in the midst of the lockdown when we were ony allowed to leave the house once, for exercise.

I was not inclined to comply to be honest – living as I do just a few steps from open countryside and where I would encounter, not a soul.

But she who must be obeyed asserted I should do just that, in fear that the long arm of the law would arrest and fine me with zealous glee…..or worse.

Meanwhile, our lawmakers up in “the smoke” were partying – sending out to supermarkets for bottles of alcohol stuffed into suitcases rolled up and down Whitehall – while those who made these draconian laws’ issued dictates in regular news conferences ordered the populous to observe. And then, when they turned away from the cameras, it was “party party party” time!

After lying to the House of Commons the two most senior members of our government have been found out and fined – albeit a paltry sum for breaking the law.

At any other time the country would be hysterical for retribution but, alas, more weighty issues are gaining the attention of the organ grinder, Boris, at the moment with rather more serious laws being broken a couple of thousand miles to the east of us. Meanwhile his sidekick, Rishi, couldn’t give a monkey’s cuss about the 50 quid fine and is rather more preoccupied with wriggling himself out of he and his Indian wife’s dodgy financial affairs…..dousing down the scandal of their enormous wealth, offshore trusts, their non-dom status, and paying their overdue millions in tax while he taxes the hoi polloi, who see 10% inflation and their energy costs double (the latter literally overnight), till their pips squeak! These people are so NOT in touch with the real world do I hear “Let them eat cake”…..?

Actually its a ****ing disgrace.

Bloody well wish I’d ignored the present Mrs Little, gone out more and ignored the law

Rob Little
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Lets Tour England !

Cher never heard of Abba…..? DUH !
Tuesday, 5th April 2022

The $h1t I listen to on the radio when I’m walking !

Apparently, Cher had never heard of Abba before she came to act in “Mama Mia”…..if thats true, where was she in the 70s?

This morning, beautiful and frosty walked up to The Trouble House Inn for the first time since Christmas…..lovely walk!

Plenty of birdsong, alpacas, runners, dogs, people who won’t say hi…..

Rob Little
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Lets Tour England !

April fool…..NOT ! 🤬
Friday, 1st April 2022

Welcome to “Bleak Friday”!!


Gas and electricity up 54%
Fuel prices at the pump at record levels
Council tax up
Water price up
Phone and Internet up…….

…..And temperatures DOWN……its bloody freezing today.

Rob Little
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Why is Pork so Deer?

If this was an “April Fool” it would be lame so lets just call it a pun!

On the way to the dump (I am doing that quite a lot at the moment) I spied these few deer – very nervous in this country!

Then I drove past these Dutchy of Cornwall owned Pigs – I believe I am correct in that fact of ownership?

Piglets are so interesting to watch?

Rob Little
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Lets Tour England !