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Rob Little’s Blog – musings of an English / British Tour Guide where I not only vent about things that “get my goat” but, also, publish lovely photos and eccentric stories about “this Sceptered Isle”!

“Lockdown” has been way too dangerous for me…..😳
Monday, 18th January 2021

Hopefully they just come in the threes but I have needed to visit the medical profession on no less than three occasions in recent months:

In September I fell over in the woods and ended up with an infection in my leg…..

In December I fell out of bed, hitting my head on the night stand ending up with a boxer’s cut above the eye!

And now, yesterday, I chopped of a fleshy bit of my pinky while cutting up a turnip!

What next, pray?

Rob Little
Thank goodness for our National Health Service – all treatment FOC…..
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QUESTION: Is there any other country in the World that would allow armed public “demonstrations” on the day that a new, disputed President, is to be inaugurated…..?
Sunday, 17th January 2021

So is there really any other country in the World that would allow armed public “demonstrations” anywhere on any day …..?

Ukraine – only the police are armed.

Uganda – they just locked up the person who dared to challenge the President.

Russia – don’t be bloody stupid 🤪

China – just the mere thought of it and you’d find yourself locked up sewing sneakers…..

UK – some might think they’d like to but we have no guns !

If only the cops are armed that’s just plain unfair? At least if the punters are armed it evens things up a bit?

I’d say any country allowing an armed demonstration is VERY VERY LIBERAL or…..😳

Rob Little
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Tweeting in The Cotswolds this morning…..!
Friday, 15th January 2021

Birdsong in Rodmarton this morning…..

A typically fertile Cotswold field – yes they are stones but wheat is already showing through the soil !

Rob Little
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Stopping the fruit from rotting…..
Thursday, 14th January 2021

Now we can’t go to the outdoor market and buy “real” fruit we have to get supermarket stuff that has been chilled for weeks that rots in days!

Just make sure nothing touches.

Rob Little
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As an Englishman maybe I should come clean on my views on President Trump…..
Wednesday, 13th January 2021

Many people in the US – maybe some of my friends and Customers – may take issue with an Englishman commenting on their President but I have said in the past that the President of the USA is also OUR President…..its just that we don’t get a vote. It may escape many Americans that we in the rest of the world, recognise the USA President as the Leader of the so-called Free World primarily because the American economy and military can have a huge effect on our lives and I use the word “lives” advisedly.

I have posted criticisms of the current President over the past four years, because hardly anyone takes him seriously outside America and his extraordinary antics, of which there are too many to mention, jarr with what many of us think. We may not be able to fathom why so many people would choose to have voted for him in 2016 let alone again in 2020 but we shrug and say to ourselves “Thats How Democracy works“.

So with record numbers of people voting in the November election (and thats a good thing) are we now to anticipate the end of American democracy? From across the pond, I cannot know for sure if there was real fraud in the election but based on the consensus of informed commentators that would seem most unlikely.

So if a huge number of voters really do believe that the election was “stolen” and that the assault on The Capitol was justified…..then democracy in the United States is already dead.

That should scare us all.

Rob Little
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The Cotswolds in Winter by Drone !
Tuesday, 12th January 2021

Another old video of The Cotswolds in winter showing the hills and pastures still green and snowless…..

Then…..a problem…..I get stuck in the mud !!

Rob Little
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UK has jabbed 2.6m vaccines so far as of 5pm today…..
Monday, 11th January 2021

The UK has jabbed 2.6m vaccines so far as of today…..

That’s more than the whole of Europe put together.

The UK is often held up as some kind of pariah in Europe and our Government is much criticised at home as well. It seems our National Health Service (NHS) is doing something right?

Rob Little
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A beautiful but cold morning here in The Cotswolds…..

A beautiful but cold morning here in The Cotswolds – this is a view I have often taken before many times. The plant in the foreground we call “Old Man’s Beard” (Clematis vitalba) !

Rob Little
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A deceptively cold Sunday morning……I opted for a ride out on the eBike !
Sunday, 10th January 2021

The roads outside appeared dry so I decided to go for a ride on my eBike around Tetbury to Chavenage and back again.

A few people out walking and exercising but very few cars about.

Actually some of the roads had been salted so I had to wash the bike down afterwards. Cold hands and feet…..but a beautiful day.

Rob Little
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A foggy Cotswolds this morning…..
Saturday, 9th January 2021

A foggy, crisp Cotswolds this morning, overlooking the wild flower meadow…..

Rob Little
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