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Rob Little’s Blog – musings of an English / British Tour Guide where I not only vent about things that “get my goat” but, also, publish lovely photos and eccentric stories about “this Sceptered Isle”!

I’d still choose the Yellow – Royal Enfield Meteor 350 in English UK
Sunday, 1st August 2021

Took myself out for an indulgence drive and ended up in Malvern, Worcestershire, home to Motorbikes4ALL !

They had several Royal Enfield Meteor 350 motorcycles for sale but the two in the workshop going through the PDI (Pre Delivery Inspection) were Yellow Fireballs so I am wondering if the Yellow is the most popular colour?

Certainly the dark blue does not appeal to me particularly nor the two tone light blue and brown with a brown seat – brown on black looks a bit odd.

But today’s drive out just served to make me yearn for the arrival of mine which may not have even left India yet. I may see it towards the end of August.

But…..looking at these other bikes, for sure I’d still choose the Yellow Royal Enfield Meteor 350cc Fireball…..by far the most striking in my opinion.

Rob Little
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The Cotswold “delight” that is Bibury – No Orientals just “Staycationers” and one angry woman scolding kids…..
Saturday, 31st July 2021

Its bizarre walking around Bibury surrounded by Brits on their “staycation”! Usually the place is rammed with overseas tourists – mostly from China and Japan but not an oriental face in sight and thats how its been for the past two seasons. Very weird.

Bibury, though, is not the best place to see the unique beauty of the Cotswolds…..if you want to see that, you have to talk to ME ! But if you prefer to be crammed in a little village with over-priced ice creams and hoards of people…..then Bibury is the place for you !

Rob Little
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Castlerigg Stones by drone
Friday, 30th July 2021

Castlerigg Stone Circle, just outside Keswick may not have stones as huge as Stonehenge but the backdrop over the valley below is utterly stunning.

I decided to turn up at 6:30am – partly for the light and partly because people don’t like drones and I hate people being in my drone shots!!!

Castlerigg Stone Circle was built at the same sort of time as many other stone circles throughout Europe – around 5000 years ago. What on earth was in the minds of the people that built them – so many of them across The British Isles when the population was only about 250,000 people – the same population as the town of Swindon, today. Bizarre? Fascinating. Enjoy !

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Thank you for watching.

Rob Little
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QUARANTINE QUASHED…..UK announces no isolation for travellers from the EU and USA from 4am Monday…..
Wednesday, 28th July 2021

The UK has announced that travellers from the US and EU will be able to travel to the UK for whatever reason without going into quarantine, providing they can prove they are fully vaccinated.

Travellers also must have a negative test before leaving their country and must take a PCR test on the second day after arrival in the UK.

While the European Union has a “vaccine passport”, actually proving they are double jabbed but this may be problematic for Americans as there is no such formalised (and unforgeable) document with each US State doing their own thing.

In the meantime, the UK has just announced its donation of 9m AstraZeneca vaccinations to poorer countries – part of our 100m shot commitment over the next year.

I didn’t have the rather pricy Trump Vaccine myself but I hear it’s been very effective in the US and the EU…..


Rob Little
Nobody is safe until we are all safe…..
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Honda 50cc C110 1965 vintage – FOR SALE !!

I have owned this bike for 8 years but it is a bit of an ornament and a conversation piece!

I had one of these back in the mid 60s except this one is in far better condition than my bike was. It was blue when I bought it, totally stripped down, painted, chromed, engine rebuild….the lot!

Cost me £4k to restore – I have a full list of the work undertaken.

I just may be interested in selling it to the right person who will cherish it like me…..and for the right price.

I am based in the Cotswolds.

More photos available.

Rob Little
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The state of Crops and harvesting in The Cotswolds in late July…..
Monday, 26th July 2021

While I was out for my daily consitutional in the Cotswolds, this morning, I just thought I would take a look and see how the crops were coming along – Rape Seed (or Canola as some call it), Linseed (or flax as some people call it!!), Wheat and Barley.

With very little rain and intense heat in the past two weeks it was interesting to see how the harvest was going.

Rob Little
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Surprise View by drone…..

“Surprise View” – this spot, high in the forest overlooking Derwentwater from the east side, really is a surprise.

Ashness Bridge, popular with artists and photographers, is the main reason why people negotiate the narrow roads in this area of The Lake District, blissfully unaware of what waits for them if they drive or walk just a little further up the hill!

“Surprise View” is a sort of window holding a breathtaking view of the Lake. One definitely not to miss. I used my DJI Phantom 4 PRO drone in this short video.

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Thank you for watching.

Rob Little
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I am not arguing against the need for measures to combat the pandemic BUT…..
Sunday, 25th July 2021

…..it strikes me that the past 18 months have been one big experiment in totalitarianism with varying degrees of success?

The UK government, particularly when it comes to England, has done more “U turns” than there are U bends on the old Saint Gotthard Pass!! They have been unable to stick to their guns on just about anything from socialising at Christmas to how you couldn’t catch covid from kids and now they are saying that the “opening up” and letting the virus rip is “irreversible”…..we’ll see. At least we in the UK were an example to the World how to get the vaccine out, being the major leading country to vaccinate most of their adult population just seven months after the first shot was jabbed!

On the other hand the dilly dallying of the European Union and their determination that all member countries must vaccinate at the same percentage ratio per capita of population….an experiment in totalitarian control gone mad. Then there were attempts to deny supplies to rival economies and the rubbishing of vaccine brands like the cheap and highly effective British AztraZeneca.

America turned vaccination, masks and social distancing into a political thing – just like everything else in America. The Democrats are all for controls and measures to fight the virus whereas the Republicans think covid is a conspiracy theory. DUH !

The “China Virus” appears to have been controlled quite well in China but you can’t belive a word they say because they ARE a totalitarian country. They’d like us to believe that this “novel coronavirus” lept from bats, civet cats or even a pangolin to humans and was not the product of meddling with the accelerated evolution of viruses in a lab in Wuhan for whatever reasons we may never know. The World Health Organisation are “in bed” with China so we cannot rely on that organisation to conduct a proper investigation even though “whistle blowers” in China have been “disappeared”.

Meanwhile, the most eastern of the so-called “Western Democracies” have been by far the most successful their experiment in totalitarianism control. New Zealand and Australia. Australia, specifically, has been very successful in keeping the virus out by closing down down the country, not only on an international basis…..bankrupting their tourist industry – but also the Australian States have had their internal borders secured, policed by their gestapo-like boys in blue that they are known to relish participation in enforcement. Their government thought they could make their own vaccine….failed miserably; forgot to order any of the “world” vaccines on offer and rejected the AstraZenneca vaccine because of the one in a million people who have an issue with it (Pfizer is the same actually) hence only 12% of Australians are fully vaccinated while in the UK its 70% !!

Best leave totalitarian control to the experts I think?

There…..thats something different for ya !!

Rob Little
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Castlerigg Stones at 7am, “Surprise View” & Muncaster Castle…..
Saturday, 24th July 2021

Knowing how incredibly sensitive people are to the possibility of having their photo taken by a drone while others snap away including anybody and everybody in their shots from the ground with their iPhones, I decided to make a return to Castlerigg Stones at 7am to take my footage without offending anyone !!

These Stones were built about 5000 years ago; constructed as a part of a megalithic tradition that lasted from 3,300 to 900 BC and there can be few that have such a staggeringly beautiful backdrop looking south to the valleys and mountains of The Lake District.

Then a return to “Surprise View” which I also wanted to see at a quieter time of the day.

I returned to the barn for breakfast and then we drove out to Muncaster Castle to the west of the Lake District. It is suspected that the site of the castle lies on foundations dating to the Roman era although the castle, proper, was started in the 1200s but was extensively remodelled in the 1800s. Beautiful gardens and Heron feeding at 4pm!

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Rob Little
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A walk in what seemed like sweltering heat in the Cotswolds around Tetbury…..🥵
Wednesday, 21st July 2021

Back in the old days these church towers and spires were used to aid navigation – before the days of GPS !

I thought it might be an idea to do a circular walk keeping Tetbury Church in view,

The trouble about the UK is one minute you can get 13C in July, the next the numbers switch and its 31C !! Trouble is we are not used to the heat and it was felt really hot on that walk this morning.

Rob Little
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31C in my back yard at 6pm !