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  • "... the Cotswold villages and the vistas were spectacular. The pub lunch was delicious and the atmosphere one of a kind"
    N & B A - California
  • "WOW!!! What a way for a Yank to see France!!! Having one of our old Allies the Brits showing the way!!!"
    WC & PC - Alabama
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  • "You put so much heart into what you do..."
    BE, China

Rob Little’s Blog – musings of an English / British Tour Guide where I not only vent about things that “get my goat” but, also, publish lovely photos and eccentric stories about “this Sceptered Isle”!

Eurovision – what a spectacle it will be for us all tonight…..😳
Saturday, 14th May 2022

The Eurovision Song Contest which takes place this evening has absolutely nothing to do with music but everything to do with politics!

That’s why the UK always comes last!!

This year, given Russia has been banished from the competition, no prizes for guessing who the winner will be…..😳

Rob Little
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Up go the Solar Panels (Batteries not included) 🤬
Friday, 13th May 2022

So we decided enough was enough.

Electricity and gas all but doubled in price here on 1st April so we decided to purloin power from the Sun !

With a world shortage (allegedly) in batteries, things did not go as smoothly as we had hoped!

Well the Chinese are still on lockdown aren’t they !

Rob Little
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Lets Tour England !

Enough is enough – we filled our Cavity 🤪
Wednesday, 11th May 2022

With the price of fuel going up and up, we have had to “take measures”!

First step is to deprive the present Mrs Little of heat and only allow cold showers 😜

Second get Ben Doon and Phil MaCavity in to insulate the cavity walls – for those not familiar most of our traditionally built homes in the UK are double skinned with concrete block with a cavity in the middle……this can be filled with lots of little balls! This is known as “Cavity Wall Insulation” and is more effective than insulation in the roof / loft

Third – the 6kW solar panels arrive for erection on the 9th!

I shall make a decision on the forty foot windmill in the back garden after I assess the success or otherwise of the first phase of measures.

Rob Little
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Lets Tour England !

A return to the Malmesbury River Walk…..
Monday, 9th May 2022

Found myself in my favourite local town, Malmesbury and decided to do the “River Walk”.

Malmesbury is an ancient settlement – one of the first ever boroughs in England with a 1000 year old Norman Abbey. The town is built on a hill, almost surrounded by water (the Tetbury Avon and the Sherston Avon) so could be well defended. Until the civil war, there was a wall surrounding the town.

The walk is delightful, following a path along the River Avon – riverside, woodland, meadow and pasture. First along the “Tetbury Avon” and then to the point where it joins the “Sherston Avon” and flows on down through Chippenham, Bradford-on-Avon, Bath and Bristol to where it empties into the Bristol Channel at Avonmouth.

There are at least five rivers in England called “Avon” – the word “Avon” means “river” in old English!

Towards the end of the walk, the view across the river, to the town on the hill, is stunning…..almost like Tuscany (particularly in the right light that, sadly, I did not have yesterday).

Anyway…..enjoy and visit !

Rob Little
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Time to take in the Vitamin D…..
Saturday, 7th May 2022

Exposing my white, overwintered legs at Cirencester Market !

Rob Little
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Lets Tour England !

First Job in two years – have I forgotten how do do it?
Friday, 6th May 2022

My first paid job in two years…..

I must admit it was a bit daunting going back into entertaining our American cousins, post covid, but, stubborn as I am, I was not going to be forced into retirement at the behest of the government or a pandemic!

Nearly all my Customers this year I have had before and this was true today…..a lovely couple wanting to research where their ancestors had been baptised in churches around the unpronounceable (for Americans) county of Worcestershire!

Rob Little
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Lets Tour England !

Bluebells in The Cotswolds – a beautiful display…..
Wednesday, 4th May 2022

I am so lucky with my early morning perambulations. The daffodils have gone, the primroses are going and the stunning bluebells have arrived.

Today a study on Bluebells growing in the copses and spinneys around Trull, Cherington and Rodmarton in the Cotswolds.

Nothing more to be said.

Rob Little
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Lets Tour England !

River Dart and the “English Riviera” revisited !
Friday, 29th April 2022

I had an opportunity to re-visit the land of my birth – forgot to make the video so this footage is from February 2022.

When I do back I realise how fortunate I was to spend my childhood by the River Dart and the seaside around Torbay – Paignton and Torquay.

Rob Little
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Lets Tour England !

Premature Curtailation…..
Wednesday, 27th April 2022

So I was having a drive out to meet my mate Steve for lunch at “The Leathern Bottle” pub in Lewknor, just east of Oxford so I thought I’d do a little video.

All was well at Cirencester Market and then on to Bibury. The road down into Burford was busy and when I got into Oxford, I noticed they have now introduced a “Low Emission Zone” so not wishing to get embroiled in that I left Oxford without doing any filming.

While we were enjoying lunch – a Bacon, Brie and Cranberry Baguette, salad and chips (fries) it started precepitating down with rain. So that put paid to my plans for further videoing !

Such is life in England….thats why we are GREEN !

Rob Little
Tour Guide…..
Let’s Tour England !

Fat Man rides tiny bike from Abergavenny , over the mountain to Hay-on-Wye…..🤪
Saturday, 23rd April 2022

PART 2 of Fat Man rides tiny bike – my Yamaha YB100 – from Abergavenny to Hay-on-Wye and back through “The Golden Valley”!

So the Cyclemotor Run was lovely but short…..designed for low power cyclemotors so the fun was enhanced by riding TO the venue and back again but a different route.

While the others indulged lunch in the local “Wetherspoons” I decided to ride the little YB up over the mountain to Hay-on-Wye (a famous book/literary town) past the ruined Llanthony Priory and the pretty hamlet of Capel-y-ffyn. A beautiful run through very narrow lanes and few passing places for cars. This route is NOT closed as suggested by Google Maps but is passable, where the landslip was, with care.

I stopped near the top of the mountain for a mouthwatering lunch (NOT) procured from the garage where I topped up with fuel in Abergavenny. I was looking forward to my bottle of water but it must have become dislodged when I hit a pothole! So I sat on a rock and ate my sandwich and crisps.

The view from the top was not as brilliant as it could have been – it was a bit cloudy and hazy but, nevertheless, you can’t fail to be impressed with such a vista!

MY ROUTE TO HAY-ON-WYEhttps://goo.gl/maps/jqRQ79CVHCdsxXm99
Please note I had to show this as a “bicycle route” so ignore the timing. Google maps shows this road is closed (due to a land slip) but it has been partially repaired and mentioned before it definitely passable!

I came back from Hay-on-Wye to Monmouth via the “Golden Valley” road – very quiet and nice and twisty! A particularly nice little village is Grosmont – it felt like I could almost be in Devon!

Once again my quest to find a cuppa tea and cake in Monmouth was dashed so I opted for a giant ice cream!

Having ridden the Wye Valley road several times in the past few weeks, I decided to take the B4293 from Monmouth, through the forest, back to Chepstow and home.


So in the end, over 9000 feet up and down and 177 miles in one day from Home – Abergavenny – Hay-on-Wye – Monmouth – Trelleck – Chepstow and home again…..not bad for an old (almost) vintage 100c bike and an old @r$€ 😆

Rob Little
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Lets Tour England !