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Tours England
  • "...thank you for such a splendid day in the Cotswolds"
    A.F. - Utah
  • "Thank you for a fabulous tour - you are a brilliant guide - we love you !"
    B & N - Tennessee
  • "... a thousand thanks for showing us around in your wonderful and beautiful country!"
    JL - Flanders, Belgium
  • "... the Cotswold villages and the vistas were spectacular. The pub lunch was delicious and the atmosphere one of a kind"
    N & B A - California
  • "WOW!!! What a way for a Yank to see France!!! Having one of our old Allies the Brits showing the way!!!"
    WC & PC - Alabama
  • "... thank you for the wonderful tour I had with my father to Normandy and Paris!"
    JC - Florida
  • "We say more than we bargained for and then some..."
    C &C - Georgia
  • "... a rather seredipitous click on Google that let me to you and I will forever be grateful for that. What a font of knowledge you are! "
    SM - Philipines
  • "We just want to thank you again for making our vacation so special. We had a great time. Absolutely wonderful! Happy memories!"
    Mike & Jane McCool, Front Royal, VA
  • "You did a fabulous and caring job, making sure our trip was perfect."
    J & A - New York
  • "You put so much heart into what you do..."
    BE, China

Rob Little’s Blog – musings of an English / British Tour Guide where I not only vent about things that “get my goat” but, also, publish lovely photos and eccentric stories about “this Sceptered Isle”!

Opinion polls say that 46% of Americans intend to vote for Trump…..
Monday, 18th May 2020

Does this mean that Biden must be really really terrible?

Rob Little
Tour Guide…..
Let’s Tour England !

Grandma comes to visit…..covid 19 style…..
Sunday, 17th May 2020

The new “Normal”?

I think its bloody tragic…..

Rob Little
Tour Guide…..
Let’s Tour England !

To all my past Customers and Friends…..”Wish you were here” !

…..here in the English Cotswolds in the beautiful month of May !

With my DJI Mavic Air drone…..

HERE flying across the stunning ridge between Waterley Bottom and Uley !

In these crazy Covid times….we can still dream…..

Rob Little
Tour Guide…..🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿🇮🇪🇫🇷🇧🇪🇬🇧
Let’s Tour England !

Yesterday …..I went “out”…..😳….!!
Saturday, 16th May 2020

Cocooned in my car I escaped (hence the accompanying music on the video) !

I needed to check on my beautiful Cotswolds, neglected by me for 2 months 😩

Enjoy…..I did !

Rob Little
Tour Guide…..
Let’s Tour England !

Only in America…..claims that the Covid 19 mortality stats are fake – concocted to mitigate against Trump’s re-election chances….. Are they mad? Well he is…..😆

Faced with an appalling US coronavirus death toll, the right denies the figures.

Fox News is foremost in promoting the idea that official figures are inflated, whereas experts believe more people have died.

Lots of shaking of heads and disbelieving looks over here.

Absolutely MAD !

Rob Little
Tour Guide…..
Let’s Tour England !

A few more photos from our preferred walking area before we go off and explore further afield which we are now allowed to do…..

……ironically people now seem reluctant to travel far from home; it’s extraordinary how easily we are conditioned…..brainwashed…..whatever?

But looking at these photos, all taken within a mile of eachother, why would you want to go anywhere else?

I have always told people that “”May is the most stunning month to visit the UK”…..

Maybe, next year, people will come back?

Rob Little
Tour Guide…..
Let’s Tour England !

Pining for Scotland……Edinburgh and the port of Leith…..
Friday, 15th May 2020

I put this together with my own photos during the lockdown while I was (am) feeling particularly melancholy about the prospects of being able to travel far and wide across these British Isles in the way I have had the fortune to do over the past 15 years. 😢

I make lots of jokes about Scotland and the “Scotch” but I don’t mean it….well at least not for the most part 😉.

I particularly love Edinburgh and have a particular affinity with Leith – the maritime Port of Edinburgh…..I love the atmosphere of the place, the smell of salt in the wind perhaps brings back memories of Dartmouth. The “Ship on the Shore” is one of my favourite restaurants, featured here in this video where, when I visit, I am welcomed like a long lost uncle !!

If this is “it”…..and I am not to visit again…..well, I find the prospect immensely depressing.

I see this as a sort of “requiem” if that doesn’t seem to depressing (although I know it does !).

Let’s cheer up, enjoy the photos and this poignant song by The Proclaimers ! 😊

Rob Little
The most poignant of the lyrics I have subtitled…..
Let’s Tour England !

Lovely springtime Cotswold photos !
Wednesday, 13th May 2020

I took these photos yesterday – particularly struck by the field of wild flowers [above].

A good friend told me “The Gate to Nowhere” was a gate into a new non-Covid 19 world…..nice thought?

The little shelter in the last photo is an old “Cot” or shepherd’s shelter. Coupled with “wolds” – old English for hills, you know where “Cotswolds” comes from !!

Rob Little
Tour Guide…..
Let’s Tour England !

A gate to nowhere?

An old Cot?

John Lennon singing tracks from Paul McCartney’s “Band on the Run” album….jamming with friends……

Absolutely superb – never heard of this before…give it a listen !

Nobody said what Paul thought of their rendition?

What do you think? Comments?

Rob Little
Tour Guide…..
Let’s Tour England !

But seriously folks – this is what we have given up in two months of “Lockdown”…..😢
Tuesday, 12th May 2020

At the start if the “lockdown” – March 23rd

After 7 weeks of “lockdown” – taken today, May 12th !

Thinking about it only makes it worse…..

I’ve lost umpteen jobs besides not being able to enjoy the transition…..

Oh well…..

Rob Little
Tour Guide…..
Let’s Tour England !