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Rob Little’s Blog – musings of an English / British Tour Guide where I not only vent about things that “get my goat” but, also, publish lovely photos and eccentric stories about “this Sceptered Isle”!

Arlington Row, Bibury, Gloucestershire, England by drone…..
Sunday, 10th June 2018

Arlington Row, Bibury, Gloucestershire, England – Arlington; the name that travelled from England to Virginia and became the name of the most revered cemetery in America.

Another interesting story about these ancient weavers cottages is that Henry Ford wanted to take them home to his museum in Michigan, stone by stone. The National Trust had to step in to stop that.

Rob Little
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To give credit where credit is due…..
Saturday, 9th June 2018

I have not researched this but if the UK and other major countries really are charging tariffs on agricultural and industrial goods from the USA, where the USA are not charging similar tariffs on our goods, this is clearly wrong?

Or is it not that simple?

Rob Little
Tour Guide
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It might seem a bit late in the day but I just watched “Darkest Hour”…..
Friday, 8th June 2018

It might seem a bit late in the day but I just watched “Darkest Hour”…..I don’t watch movies in public because I may get upset and it’s just damn uncomfortable…..!

It doesn’t show our two closest allies off in a very good light does it? And as for dropping off our planes near the Canadian border and pulling them across with a team of horses…..well no comment.

We won the Battle of Britain with no help at all…..at which point others decided to join us.

Can’t imagine how our people here must have felt…..hung out to dry?

Thank God for Winston!

Rob Little
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“Goodbye Christopher Robin”
Sunday, 3rd June 2018

Alice Cottage” – this was the private home of Christopher Robin !!

It’s very sad that people think Christopher Robin was a fictional figure. He was indeed a real person who owned the Harbour Bookshop in Dartmouth, Devon, for many years.

Watch the excellent recent movie “Goodbye Christopher Robin” to find out more about his life.

Winnie the Pooh was also real – check out the wrought iron outside the door!!

Rob Little
…..would probably be “Rabbit” if I had to choose a character…..
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Good morning from a stunning Dartmouth, England…..!
Saturday, 2nd June 2018

Beautiful morning here as the sun lights up the town.

This shows the town of Dartmouth off at its best!

On nobody’s bucket list, after I bring people here they say it’s the most beautiful place they visited on their trip.

Rob Little
Devonshire Tour Guide
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Dartmouth, England

Darthaven Yacht Marina

The Britannia Royal Naval College in Dartmouth where The Queen first met Prince Phillip at the age of 13!

A little later in the morning…..the sea mist was rolling in. This photo of Kingswear from above Jaw Bones Hill, by drone!

Putting things into proportion…..
Monday, 28th May 2018

I pay my respects to the parents of the 2,264th member of the U.S. military to die in the Afghan war since 2002.

However, I also think about the 480,000 odd people who died within the USA from firearms over the exact same period. Thats 30,000 people killed a year – think of a town near you with 30k population…..

Half a million dead in in 16 years – that’s more Americans dead by guns in “peacetime America” than died in the whole of the second world war and ten times as many as were killed in Vietnam !

Puts it into context doesn’t it ?

Those kids from Parkland School in Florda…..have they wasted their lives and brave words all been in vane?

Rob Little
Tour Guide
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Leeds Castle…….
Friday, 25th May 2018

A beautiful view of the glorious Leeds Castle and the beautiful Kent countryside surrounding it, by drone……

Rob Little
Tour Guide
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Having the EU legislate on personal data protection for individuals is NOT why we joined the EU…..
Wednesday, 23rd May 2018

This is what the average mailbox looks like across Europe today – a small selection of the crap the EU has compelled businesses to generate just today from Wembley Stadium to Volkswagen not forgetting the Liverpool Cavernn Club!!

What has the GDPR – the “General Data Protection Regulation” – got to do with free trade in agriculture, coal and steel?

We did not join the EU for an unelected regime to deliver utterances and demand compliance on matters that we all believed to be the responsibility of our own government who have allowed their authority to leech away to a greedy Brussels.

And ironically, this legislation, due to come into force in just two days, is resulting in a total inundation of emails for every person in the country who is provided with any kind of service. Recipients are supposed to “opt in” to continue to receive emails through some convoluted online process which means recollecting umpteen sign in IDs and passwords each time the iPhone decides to push some more out!!

Me ? I’ve ignored the bloody lot which is a bit of a shame for those people out there trying to build a business. Without realising this only applies to EU citizens I sent an email to all my American contacts offering them the chance to “unsubscribe” only a few did, mostly people is not met but one past Customer who had enjoyed a wonderful tour with me a few years ago was rather rude to me and demanded his email address was deleted. There is no accounting for folks?

Anyway that’s another rant over and done with!

Rob Little
Lets Tour England !

Scotney Castle Gardens…..in East Sussex…..

Absolutely gorgeous ?

Rob Little
Tour Guide
Let’s Tour England !

Scotney Castle Garden

Scotney Castle Garden

Scotney Castle Garden

“There’ll be Bluebirds over…..the White Cliffs of Dover” – well not quite…..
Tuesday, 22nd May 2018

The view from aloft, on top of the “White Cliffs” yesterday looking down onto the complex ferry operation. A total of 54 crossings to France each day!

Rob Little
Driver / Tour Guide
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