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Rob Little’s Blog – musings of an English / British Tour Guide where I not only vent about things that “get my goat” but, also, publish lovely photos and eccentric stories about “this Sceptered Isle”!

Don’t listen to the a***h*** Sebastian Gorka when you’re feeling depressed…..
Friday, 11th August 2017

…..his take on nuclear war with North Korea is scarey – refusing to rule out full-blown war

The London-born former Breitbart editor with a PhD of questionable value from a 5th rate institution in Budapest, claims to be a military and intelligence analyst, known to have had links with the less pleasant side of politics in Hungary and holds what some may call “extremist” views which he seems happy to broadcast to whoever will listen. As of January 2017, he serves as a deputy assistant to President of the United States.

Yesterday, Gorka was back in “the old country” again, gracing the airwaves on Radio 4′s Today programme where he spoke about the ongoing North Korea crisis. He has the sort of English baritone accent that would be perfectly at home in a luxury car commercial voiceover, or reading a book on tape about the Victorian-era British history.

But far from reassuring everyone the world isn’t hurtling towards nuclear destruction, the interview with this minor member of the White House team instilled a foreboding sense of doom amongst listeners. Gorka rejected the more hopeful comments made by US Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson, who said yesterday that there was no sign the threat level from North Korea had changed and Americans should “sleep well at night”. According to Gorka, Tillerson had no right to say such a thing and took the more .

Gorka……you need to shut the **** up because, every time you open your mouth, something indefensibly bad comes out of it.

Rob Little
There have always been nasty people in the world and there always will be…..
Lets Tour England !

Totally pee’d off my Drone lesson was rained off yesterday when, actually it didn’t rain a drop :(
Wednesday, 9th August 2017

Amusing conversation between a friend and me regarding my aborted lesson to become a Drone Pilot….

FRIEND: Trust you enjoyed your first lesson as a pilot. How did it go, did you crash? ”

ME:Bloody well didn’t happen – rained off !!”

FRIEND:What are you actually and constructively, going to do with your new toy?”

ME: [I chose to ignore that question]

FRIEND:I see the Chinese DJI Manufactured drones are considered suspect and open to hacking. So if you happen to have such a beast when it runs amock it might not be your fault and all part of a cunning invasion plan.”

ME:Mine will be a DJI but if there is any doubt of it being hacked, the hacker will be hit with fire and fury !!”

FRIEND:You could arrange a short holiday to Guam to practice your flying skills. Plenty of room away from the air base and not a lot of rain.

…..end of conversation !

Rob Little
I’m gonna take my Drone to Pyongyang…..
Lets Tour England…..by Done !

To be honest I did not credit Glen Campbell of being a guitarist like this…..

Watching Alice Cooper talking about his close friendship with Glen Campbell, I have to admit I had not seen him play guitar like this !

Rob Little
Lets Tour England….

I don’t like to initiate panic buying…..

I don’t like to initiate panic buying…..in fact that would do no good because every retailer seems to have sold out – the availability of Mars and Snickers ice creams would appear to be limited to a few odd corners of the country. There is a UK national shortage and right in the middle of the English “summer”!

What the hell is going on? This could NOT happen in America?

Rob Little
Alternatives – what alternatives…..
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“Incendiary” language…..

Truman 1945:Rain of ruin…the like of which has never been seen on this earth;”

Bush 2002: “Axis of evil” – used this term to describe Iran, Iraq and North Korea, State of the Union address January 29, 2002.

Bush 2003:Shock and Awe

Trump 2017:Fire and Fury and, frankly, power, the likes of which this world has never seen before

Rob Little
But something has to be done about Kim…..
Let’s Tour England !

Glad I live south of the line……JUST !

More than one million extra people have died “early” in the North of England than the South in the last 50 years, research shows.

An investigation of death records has revealed that people in the North are 20% more likely to die under the age of 75, with researchers describing their study as a “tale of two Englands”.

The study, led by the University of Manchester, found there were 1.2 million more premature deaths in the North from 1965 to 2015 – and 14,333 more in 2015 alone.

Their figures also reveal there were 49% more deaths among 35 to 44-year-olds in the North than the South in 2015, and 29% more among 25 to 34-year-olds.

Lead researcher Professor Iain Buchan said: “Five decades of death records tell a tale of two Englands, North and South.

“They are divided by resources and life expectancy – a profound inequality resistant to the public health interventions of successive governments.

RIP Glen Campbell – died today age 81
Tuesday, 8th August 2017

Poor Glen Campbell died today age 81 after a courageous fight with Alzheimers….

What an absolute effing bastard of a disease…..RIP Glen Campbell and thanks for your songs !

Rob Little
Lets Tour England !

Too much time on my hands…..

…..looking at todays postings, some may say so – I do like to keep myself “busy” when I’m not working !

Rob Little
Tour Guide having a rest for a few weeks…..
Lets Tour England

I’d like to hurt this man…..

Does anybody recognise him, running across Putney Bridge. This happened way back on 5th May but the video has only just been released. Notice how he avoids the man but grabs the woman?

Rob Little
Hope someone gets to him before the police do…..
Lets Tour England !

Smug bugger…..

Yes….he can afford to be smug – Jacob Zuma, much admired by the poor in his country for his family values although he has had six wives and 21 children, survived a vote of “no confidence” in the South African parliament, held in secret, 200 for, 178 against. The ballot was held in secret because of inevitable death threats to those who do not support him…..that’s how they do things in some parts of the world.


South Africa is sadly a very corrupt country and the President is known to be “in bed” with the Indian-born Gupta family – allowing them to wield undue influence.

Rob Little
Shame about South Africa…..
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