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  • "...thank you for such a splendid day in the Cotswolds"
    A.F. - Utah
  • "Thank you for a fabulous tour - you are a brilliant guide - we love you !"
    B & N - Tennessee
  • "... a thousand thanks for showing us around in your wonderful and beautiful country!"
    JL - Flanders, Belgium
  • "... the Cotswold villages and the vistas were spectacular. The pub lunch was delicious and the atmosphere one of a kind"
    N & B A - California
  • "WOW!!! What a way for a Yank to see France!!! Having one of our old Allies the Brits showing the way!!!"
    WC & PC - Alabama
  • "... thank you for the wonderful tour I had with my father to Normandy and Paris!"
    JC - Florida
  • "We say more than we bargained for and then some..."
    C &C - Georgia
  • "... a rather seredipitous click on Google that let me to you and I will forever be grateful for that. What a font of knowledge you are! "
    SM - Philipines
  • "We just want to thank you again for making our vacation so special. We had a great time. Absolutely wonderful! Happy memories!"
    Mike & Jane McCool, Front Royal, VA
  • "You did a fabulous and caring job, making sure our trip was perfect."
    J & A - New York
  • "You put so much heart into what you do..."
    BE, China

Rob Little’s Blog – musings of an English / British Tour Guide where I not only vent about things that “get my goat” but, also, publish lovely photos and eccentric stories about “this Sceptered Isle”!

My Mavic Air Drone…..
Thursday, 19th April 2018

Just thought I’d check the range extenders to see if they made any difference – they don’t seem to !!

But otherwise, the drone is neat !

Rob Little
Drone Pilot…..
Lets Tour England !

After weeks of postponement, due to the arctic like winter, in just a few days we’re catapulted into Spring !

…..and everything’s arriving at once – the daffodils, primroses even the bluebells and in the hedgerows we have blackthorn and cherry blossom !

As temperatures in the UK continue to soar, its the hottest day in England in the past 70 years! Just three weeks ago we were in the middle of “The Beast from the East” with freezing temperatures.

They say it will be a wonderful Spring…..welcome to my Customers from Texas, starting their 18 day jaunt of England and Ireland on Saturday !

Rob Little
English Tour Guide
Lets Tour England !

The Little’s back yard !

Flowers in the garden

…..and in someone else’s garden!

The Daffs, actually, are nearly over here…..

Eilean Donon Castle…..on the road to the Isle of Skye !
Tuesday, 17th April 2018

Eilean Dornon Castle adorns more chocolate boxes than any other in Scotland – here you can see the castle by drone. It wasn’t a particularly good day but see photo below taken on a sunny day with the tide in and a flat calm !

Rob Little
British Tour Guide
Lets Tour England…..and Scotland !

The Eilean Donan Castle in more camera-friendly weather !

Drone movie of Glenfinnan Viaduct and the Jacobite Train
Monday, 16th April 2018

Drone movie of Glenfinnan Viaduct and the Jacobite Train in Scotland last week – the Jacobite train from Fort William to Mallaig which was poularised by appearing in Harry Potter movies!

Taken with a Dji Mavic Air in 4k

Rob Little
British Driver / Tour Guide
Lets Tour England !

He’s shot his fox !
Sunday, 15th April 2018

My Customers loved The House of Bruar in Scotland…..they all do! A great deal of time was spent here where you can buy anything from tweed to haggis and from outdoor wear to traditional Scottish shortbread!

Rob Little
Sad to be leaving Scotchland…..
Let’s Tour England !

They also sell particularly excellent Carrot Cake in the cafeteria!!

Castle Eilean Donon today…..
Saturday, 14th April 2018

Still looking dramatic even on a dull day at low tide…..?

Rob Little
Driver / Guide
Let’s Tour England !

Now it is being suggested that Britain, yes BRITAIN collaborated with the heroic, life saving, “White Helmet” volunteers in Syria and convinced them to bomb the tragic residents of Douma with chemical weapons…..so as people would blame “the animal, Assad”…..
Friday, 13th April 2018

If this outrageous claim were true the we, the British, should surely be punished by USA, Europe, Russia and anyone else who might like to join in.

But could this imbecilic claim possibly be true?

This is developing into an utterly stupid and chaotic farce but that is what the main actors (big children) want!! I should say a stupid, but dangerous game.

Rob Little
Let’s Tour England !

Bit of a drive out on the Isle of Skye where it’s spose to be at least foggy or raining…..!

You’d think we were in the alps ?

Rob Little
British Driver / Guide
Let’s Tour England !

Scaredy cat….??
Thursday, 12th April 2018

DT – we’re coming for you and the “animal” Assad with our shiny new bombs…..

VP – won’t negotiate by tweet and warns of gross miscalculation…..

DT – well we may not come then

We Brits are ready – we’ll take care of it. Just stay under yer desk…..we know about “red lines”….. Join in later – I think there’s some “form” for that!!

Rob Little
Let’s Tour England !

Castle Eilean Donan -the Scottish Castle that adorns more chocolate boxes than any other…..!

At the end of the afternoon I decided to shoot back over to the mainland from Skye to take some photos of the “chocolate box” castle, Eilean Donan, with the tide in!! We are due to see I think later in the week but I know the tide will be out. The only problem is, there was a breeze and, consequently, no flat mirror for the castle to reflect in.

Anyway – I got a few decent photos??

Rob Little
Tour Guide
Let’s Tour England !