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Rob Little’s Blog – musings of an English / British Tour Guide where I not only vent about things that “get my goat” but, also, publish lovely photos and eccentric stories about “this Sceptered Isle”!

The mundane life of a Tour Guide out of season…..!
Saturday, 9th February 2019

Yes…..all of has have to do those boring, unpleasant chores like spending a Saturday afternoon searching for new bathrooms at one time or another.

The trick is to “appear” to slip out of ones natural obduracy for such expeditions, and give the impression of being enthusiastic 😂

Rob Little
Cotswold Tour Guide
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“Halfway up the stairs…..” !

Freddie the Yorkie !

……as in the old A. A. Milne poem written for his son, Christopher Robin !

Halfway down the stairs is a stair where I sit
There isn’t any other stair quite like it
I’m not at the bottom, I’m not at the top
So this is the stair where I always stop…


Rob Little
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The other crazy “Donald” – this one named “TUSK” and today’s vicious rant from him to the British……
Wednesday, 6th February 2019

This morning at a news conference with Irish Prime Minister, Leo Veradkar; the unelected European Council President, Donald TUSK said:

By the way, I have been wondering what the special place in hell looks like for those who promoted Brexit without even a sketch of a plan how to deliver it safely”.

His remarks were disgraceful and demeaning. Its a shame these EU officials find it necessary to be so nasty- and the Belgian leader, Guy Verhofstadt is equally guilty.

Anyway, immediately after the remark was made, Leo Varadkar was caught on microphone telling Tusk that he will get “terrible trouble” from the press for his repugnant remarks on Brexit.

Wouldn’t you think this adds even more weight to why we do not want to be part of an organisation with an unelected President and hierarchy?

And if I wanted to go back to the two “Donalds” at least one was elected albeit through and archaic voting system. Some think thats just fine? The other Donald presides and exerts power over a public that never voted for him at all. And some are happy with that too !

Rob Little
Tour Guide
Let’s Tour England !

A bit of snow in the Cotswolds looks pretty but can cause havoc !
Sunday, 3rd February 2019

This is the second year in a row where we have had some significant snow! People often ask if we get snow in the Cotswolds to which my answer, traditionally, has been “rarely“. But maybe we are experiencing “global cooling” – some predict a new ice age in our lifetime!!

This time it was the south-west that got hit first – cars abandoned on Bodmin Moor in Cornwall and seeking shelter in the historic “Jamaica Inn” of Daphne du Maurier fame!! Further north we in the Cotswolds got hit; we got 4 inches in Tetbury but some places had extreme problems with up to 10 inches….yes TEN !

Anyway….yesterday I went out with my camera….and my drone, and the Cotswolds, as always, looked beautiful!

Those of you that have travelled with me will recognise some of the places – particularly the little cottages at Arlington Row in Bibury and the stone bridge in Lower Slaughter.

Enjoy !

Rob Little
Cotswold Tour Guide
Lets Tour England !

Public footbath across the stile near Rodmaton

Arlington Row, Bibury

Between Bibury & Northleach

Lower Slaughter

Lower Slaughter by drone !

Hampnett – the place with the Victorian post box in the wall for those of you that remember?

This may make a few people in the USA smile !!

After 34 years of illegality, the very first conviction for FGM is passed today. Not good enough !
Friday, 1st February 2019

Ok I am not a lawyer, or an expert in these things but like most people out there I find the thought of harming young girls through FGM horrifying?

So maybe they can’t catch the parents….or the mothers…..of these children right now, but sooner or later these females will present themselves at a maternity hospital when the staff there will see exactly what has happened to them at a young age – cutting which will have caused the little girl trauma, pain and psychological damage.

So why not, at that point, go after the elderly parents then – the mother being the parent that generally organises this crime with or without the father’s cognisance. Let these people know that they will not get away from it and start banging these people into jail, even if they are in their 60s or older?

Similarly, parents taking their terrified young daughters abroad to experience the same inhuman treatment should expect the same outcome – JAIL where hopefully they will discover what their fellow inmates think about their actions.

It is disgusting and a disgrace that these parents are still getting away with it here in the UK??

And the mother in this current case is also guilty of using “witchcraft” against those police working in the case….. Although we don’t believe their voodoo crap, the person who initiated the “witchcraft” meant to do harm so they should receive extra punishment for that?

AND…..the mother, “cannot be named for legal reasons”…..and WHAT might they be? She has been found guilty – let her “peers” know what she has done? What possible excuse can there be of “protecting” her?

Rob Little
Lets Tour England !

A couple of inches of SNOW means it’s a National Emergency…..well at least we have something different to talk about today !

Mind you we did hear today that the EU will not be demanding visas from British tourists visiting Europe; even if there is a “no deal” BREXIT! They didn’t mention whether it had anything to do with the nearly 20m British tourists that support the Spanish tourist industry alone not to mention those millions who prefer Italy, Greece and France?

In the meantime though, we’ve been told that vehicles with the EU plate on their cars must remove it and replace with a regular one. And we must all get one of the old GB badges to display on our cars…..but of course!

And…..oh yes, the snow. Well we have had about 4 inches and its caused havoc!

I sent my wife out to shovel!😳

Rob Little
British Tour Guide
Let’s Tour England !

Ok maybe it’s not -30 but it’s still nippy outside…..
Thursday, 31st January 2019

And, shock, horror…..we are “expecting” SNOW !!

Rob Little
Pics of snow in the Cotswolds are rare…..
Lets Tour England !

One last throw of the dice for last year’s Queen Anne’s Lace; before it returns to the soil…..

Near Cherington, Tetbury

The Cotswold countryside under frost

Gladys the Dog and Freddie the Yorkie !

“Don’t leave me behind Dad” !!

MPs to forfeit their “Half Term Holiday” to focus on BREXIT……!

The fact that Members of Parliament (MPs) even get a so-called recess in February simply serves to accentuate the fact that this load of idiots no I will say “tossers” (which most of you will no is slightly more polite than the word beginning with “W”) are just a club of indisciplined schoolboys, who see themselves as the “Prefects” of the “Upper Sixth” whose job it is to bully the rest of us!

These wan**… no, sorry, tossers have sat there drawing their eighty grand a year plus their jobs on the side, prognosticating on what they think is good for us when, actually, all they care about is their own careers and their corrupt political parties.

An election would be a dangerous thing at the moment because most voters in the country would want to kick out not only the imbecilic idiots that have brought our country to the point we are a laughing stock across the world; but also the airy fairy “do gooders” and anti democratic “members” (and you know what a “member” is) on the other side of the house who can do no better than to hold up their hands in dispair and suggest “the people” have another say!!

I remember thinking that this bunch of idiots would cock it up…..I was right!!

Rob Little
Not really “seething”…..
Let’s Tour England !

Just a random shot – the Cotswolds is all like this…..

…..even in winter !

This is the pretty little village of Bisley, near Stroud.

Rob Little
Cotswold Tour Guide…..
Let’s Tour England !

FIFTY years ago today…..can you believe it……??
Wednesday, 30th January 2019

The Beatles last ever concert !

Rob Little
I was just old enough to get my motorcycle licence…..
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