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Rob Little’s Blog – musings of an English / British Tour Guide where I not only vent about things that “get my goat” but, also, publish lovely photos and eccentric stories about “this Sceptered Isle”!

The Severn Bore – the tidal wave seen on the River Severn in England…..
Thursday, 22nd October 2020

Not having anything better to do, I nipped down to the River Severn this Sunday morning to use my drone for the first time on this outstanding natural phenomenon.

The Severn bore is a tidal wave seen on the River Severn in south western England. It is formed when the rising tide moves into the funnel-shaped Bristol Channel and Severn Estuary and the surging water forces its way upstream in a series of waves, as far as Gloucester and beyond.

The Severn Bore (wave) is also caused by the exceptionally high tides seen in the estuary of the river – at certain times of the year the difference between high tide and low tide can be as much as 54 feet / 16.5 meters. The river is VERY dangerous!

There is some kind of wave most days but is not as impressive as the waves in October and March.

Spectators come from all over to watch the Severn Bore and some risk life and limb and get into the river to surf and body board this natural phenomenon,


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The Mad World of Donald Trump…..(Channel 4 TV – UK) – this you HAVE to watch !
Wednesday, 21st October 2020

A Channel 4 documentry about the 2016 Presidential campaign, showing Donald Trump he entered politics and influenced his fellow citizens vote for him to become the President of The United States of America.

May the next debate be less embarrasing and more presidential than the first.

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England’s “Forest of Dean” and Wales’ “River Wye Valley”…..

Dramatic colour near Botany Bay, Monmouthshire, Wales

Yesterday, as a man who has “Way too much time on his hands”, I decided to take a final autumnal trip over to Gloucestershire’s Forest of Dean and then on across the border, into Wales, to The Valley of the River Wye.

I took this trip now for two reasons – first we have a storm coming through which will obliterate most of the existing colour and second, after Friday, I will not be permitted to enter Wales because Wales will be in “lockdown”.

Took some lovely photos – here are a few. I will publish the others in a future video.

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The Royal Forest o Dean near Lydbrook

Woodland stile near St Arvans

Forest road near Trelleck Grange, Llanishen, Wales

Near Tintern, Wales

The River Wye near Tintern Abbey

So he pays $188,000+ in tax to his friends in China from his Chinese bank account…..

…..but he only pays $750 to the American exchequer!!


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We MUST obey the law of the road…..but I do like a challenge…..🤪
Tuesday, 20th October 2020

Here in Wales they like to “cover themselves” just in case they are sued if a car were to drive down this pathway! 😳

Hmmmmmm I can hardly walk down here without touching both sides…..

I’m gonna go for it and see how far I can go…..

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A peaceful little walk around Cherington “lake”…..

A few days ago I took a walk from Cherington village, through the woods and past Cherington Lake / Pond.

Cherington Lake or Pond is an artificial lake built actually in the 1700s apparently not for industry (like I said in my commentary) but for the enjoyment of people living at The Manor.

Well I hope the occupants of the Manor enjoyed the lake – I wonder if they thought people would still be enjoying it, 250 years later?

Hope you enjoy…..an 11 minute watch should be just right for a cup of coffee?

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Welcome to World Statistics Day…..

Vectors for political misinformation….?

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In June, speaking about COVID-19 at the end his Tulsa, Oklahoma, rally, President Donald Trump told his people “If you do more testing; you get more cases….. So slow down the testing !!“
Monday, 19th October 2020

Some might say:

Why did they test him then”…..?

My goodness, what a tale – you couldn’t make it up.

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Happy Monday!! Too many videos? Well here are a few photos, taken this morning, showing the autumn colour creeping in…..

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A few days ago I made my way over the Severn Bridge to Wales on a quest to see some Autumn colour along the banks of the River Wye…..
Friday, 16th October 2020

The valley of the River Wye is well known in this part of the UK for its beautiful Fall Color or Autumn Colour as we prefer to spell it over here !! The banks of the river are heavily forested and this wooded area extends beyond just the River Wye valley.

I visited the area a few days ago with the drone and got some quite nice footage. I am concerned that some of my GoPro low light footage may not be as good as it could be particularly on a large TV screen – I am still playing with the settings on the GoPro to get the best result.

The drone footage was taken on my DJI Phantom 4 Pro.

In the event, I was probably a week or two early for “peak colour” but you have to take the opportunity while we can; bearing in mind the storms that can hit the western UK at this time of year that can batter the trees and leave them naked overnight!

Interestingly I had to cross the bridge over the River Severn to get to this part of Wales. Many people think the River Severn is the border between England and Wales but, in fact, it is the River Wye that marks the border. The Severn Bridge crosses the River Severn AND the River Wye – there is a narrow promontory of land – a finger – between the two rivers. The other interesting fact of these two rivers is the massive tidal range – up to 54 feet at Chepstow at certain times of the year.

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