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Rob Little’s Blog – musings of an English / British Tour Guide where I not only vent about things that “get my goat” but, also, publish lovely photos and eccentric stories about “this Sceptered Isle”!

Yes, honest, mid February and only 36 degrees…..🌼
Tuesday, 19th February 2019

The daffodils are out in the back yard!


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The British Labour Party: Seven “moderates” leave while one Trotskyist rejoins…..

The British Labour Party – the official opposition – lost seven of its middle of the road MPs yesterday over extremism and the anti-semitic scandals within the party. They are also BREXIT “remoaners” who want to renege on the democratic referendum result, re-running the vote until they get the result they want. They will become known as “The Snowflake Party”!

On the other hand, Derek Hatton, the maverick, Trotskyist ex leader of Liverpool City Council who was expelled from the Labour Party 33 years ago, has been allowed to rejoin the party…..welcomed back with open arms!

Rob Little
Times they are a changin’…..
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Outrage in Salisbury as Russian flag unfurled on the Cathedral…..😡
Monday, 18th February 2019

Whether this was some kind of ultra-sick joke or something more ominous, a huge Russian flag was hung briefly from scaffolding on Salisbury Cathedral on Saturday night, almost a year after the former Russian spy Sergei Skripal and his daughter were poisoned with novichok in the city. The flag was taken down on Sunday after cathedral staff were made aware of it.

My question is, why would anyone find that funny. Assuming it is a joke it is in very poor taste especially bearing in mind that one victim, Dawn Stugess, lost her life having been poisoned as well as the long term health effects it is having on the Skripals.

Salisbury Cathedral has released a statement from the Dean of Salisbury, the Very Revd Nicholas Papadopulos:

This was a remarkably stupid thing to do and makes light of the huge personal tragedies involved, and the damage done to the city by the unprecedented nerve agent attacks on Salisbury last year.”

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Ann Coulter on Trump in October 2016: “Finally, we have a candidate who cares about Americans…..”!
Sunday, 17th February 2019

Ann Coulter on Trump in February 2019 !

It has to be said, Coulter’s ability to rant without pausing for breath is only equaled by the man himself.

Rob Little
With friends like Ann Coulter, who needs enemies….
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British “Gun Boat Diplomacy” buggers things up with China again…..
Saturday, 16th February 2019

Bit of a cock up on the old trade relations front – perhaps it was not such a good idea to send “an aircraft carrier” to “wave the flag” in the South China Seas at the same time as trying to get the Chinkys to sign up for a crucial trade deal after Brexit??

Apparently the UK Government sent the ship in order to increase the “Global influence” of the UK!!

“Global” my ar** but the Chinese need not have been so sensitive….. Although we sent “an aircraft carrier”, we actually sent our only aircraft carrier which should not scare any potential adversaries, cos it’s just a bloody huge ship with NO AIRCRAFT !!

Another DUH I think??

Rob Little
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“State of Emergency”…..really??
Friday, 15th February 2019

I am absolutely certain that I heard the President say, urged on by a baying audience, that Mexico would pay?

Was I hallucinating?

Rob Little
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PS – In my opinion, the Press Conference in which the “emergency” was announced was, indeed, Donald Trump at his most Presidential.

Ok I may be soft on cats and hard on “jihadi brides” but…..
Thursday, 14th February 2019

…..I decided to be “all romantic” on this special day for lovers, by taking the present Mrs Little out for lunch at The Victoria Inn, in Eastleach !

And no……I have not sneaked these photos in from a sunny day last year….this was today in The Cotswolds where the temperature approached 55F. We are promised more tomorrow !

Rob Little
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Snowdrops !!

The old weeping willow tree in Eastleach – in 3 weeks time this will be “awash” with daffotils!

The “hamlet” of Taynton – typically English sight….cottage, Royal Mailbox, Phone box and more snowdrops !

Sherborne, Gloucestershire

Could this be THE most spoilt cat in the whole wide world…..?

Not content with just lying on top of the bed, Jasper manoeuvres himself into a position where he has two pillows, a comforter, a duvet, a topper and a foam mat underneath him.

He is indeed King !

Rob Little
I may rant and rave but a softee for my pets…..
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Unapologetic “jihadi bride“ wants to “come home”….. she has to be having a laugh…..??

So one of the 15 year old school girls, who left the UK to join the “islamic state” 4 years ago, has said in an interview with The (London) Times, that she would like to “Come home and raise her child in England” although she has “no regrets” in joining the islamic state and admits to being unfazed by seeing decapitated heads in waste bins nor the killing of foreign journalists because “they may have been spies”.

Shamima Begum also gloated how the Manchester bombing which killed 22 people was “justified” retaliation for Syria air strikes.

I can think of two, poignant, two word answers to her request – the most polite is “Tough Shit”!! The other is….

Rob Little
It’s a no-brainier – leave her in the desert…..
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STOP PRESS – All hell has broken loose on the radio phone-ins with the “snowflake generation” saying we should welcome her back and treat her with great sensitivity…. DUH 🙄

Today has been all about the stunning clarity of the light…..
Monday, 11th February 2019

Its just one of the the regular places I walk in the Cotswolds, near my home with the doggies !

Rob Little
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