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Rob Little’s Blog – musings of an English / British Tour Guide where I not only vent about things that “get my goat” but, also, publish lovely photos and eccentric stories about “this Sceptered Isle”!

I must be bloody mad…..
Monday, 1st May 2017


I must be bloody mad…..up at 4am to take my two wonderful companions for the next 2 weeks, Frank and Carole, from Maine, on a “special access” tour of Stonehenge. This is where you get to go inside the stone circle and, hopefully, to watch the sun rise but sadly, methinks, not this morning. We are just fortunate it is not raining !

Rob Little
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It’s Mayday !!
Children dancing around the Maypole - one of the innocent traditions of Mayday

Children dancing around the Maypole – one of the innocent traditions of Mayday

It’s Mayday and our “socialist card carrying communist nation” are celebrating our public holiday on the actual Day !

Today is the day for every loyal socialist to rest and put their feet up remembering Marx, Lenin, Mao, Kim Jong Un and Tony Blair, who made this day possible !

Rob Little
Busy working today…..
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Even with a General Election on and BREXIT to contend with, the news is pretty bland over here…..
Sunday, 30th April 2017

Couldn’t believe it when I woke up to the News on radio this morning – Trump’s campaigning in Pennsylvania and the empty chair at the White House Correspondant’s Dinner was relegated way down the bulletin; eclipsed by, peculiarly, with the shock of a nationwide increase in the theft of tools from vans !!

This was followed by the hysteria of Britain’s Anthony Joshua’s victory over Wladimir Klitschko in the heavyweight boxing world championship last night.

Still ahead of the campaign in Pennsylvania was the anticipated performance of the British driver, Louis Hamilton, in the Russian Formula 1 Grand Prix !

Everything else must have been “fake news”!

Rob Little
Does not keep tools in his van…..
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Snow…..but not as YOU know it !
Saturday, 29th April 2017


Snow…..but not as YOU know it !

Just thought I’d snap a shot of some lying snow on Wednesday morning in the hills behind Bristol and Bath – we had a veritable blizzard in the night not that I was aware?

Rob Little
Snow reporter…..
Lets Tour England !

Banks of April Snow, driftng into the hedgerows

Banks of April Snow, driftng into the hedgerows

The Donalds First 100 days…..on Plan ??
Friday, 28th April 2017


One hundred days after a chilling inauguration speech, I was wrong. We were not “Ashes by Easter” – but which Easter?

Besides Saturday Night Live enjoying its highest ratings in over 20 years, what else happened?

  • Within Days the first Muslim ban was issued by executive order but didn’t even last a day before a “so called” Judge turned it over.  Only a week or so ago federal judges in Hawaii and Maryland suspended Trump’s travel ban while the White House, said the Judges were “Bananas” and threatened to cut off federal funding of their cities unless they comply with the ban !
  • Is everyone feeling safer??  At the GOP National Conference last July when Mr Trump accepted the Republican nomination, he vowed that: Street crime and violence will come to an end on 20th January…..Saftey will be restored”.  In all fairness he did not mention which January 20th ?
  • Upsetting your friends – after slamming the phone down on the Australian Prime Minister in his first days in office, and refusing to shake hands with Mrs Merkel from Germany; only a few days ago the President said there was “Unbelieveable Chemistry” between he and Angela Merkel which is ironic because she holds a chemistry doctorate and may have identified the “unbelievable chemical” as ammonium sulphide !
  • The Affordable Care Act – the President’s discombobulated attempt at instant Healthcare reform was rejected by his own Republican party
  • Crooked Hillary – remains at large from incarceration ?
  • “My Administration is running like a finely tuned machine” – isn’t that for others to judge…….?
  • The Wall – the people appear to have been have been hoodwinked. There never will be a “Wall”. It’s just a figment of somebody’s imagination!!
  • Syria – after declaring “America First” and vowing not to get involved in other people’s wars, a few weeks ago 59 cruise missiles were lobbed at Syria from warships in the Mediterranean.
  • Then the “mother of all bombs” made a hard landing in Afghanistan earlier in April
  • North Korea is now threatening America with “Thermo Nuclear War which could break out at any time“.  The Vice President announced “The Era of strategic patience over“.  The President announces “We are sending an armada. Very powerful. We have submarines. Very powerful…..” except that the fleet concerned were not steaming towards North Korea, but to a scheduled exercise towards Australia in the Indian Ocean.
  • Nepotism – the son-in-law, the daughter shooting around all over the world?  Is this normal?
  • Golf – 19 days on the golf course…..good business can be done on the golf course though ?
  • Snowbird – the President has spent 25 days at his Florida resort, Mar-a-Lago since taking the oath of office
  • Government Shutdown possible by the end of this week – the House and Senate have until midnight on today to pass a spending bill
  • …..And to cap it all he’s gone and set off a trade war with “best friend” Canada over Milk and Soft Woods !!

You recon more or less everything is on course?

Rob Little
We thought we had problems…..
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“How do you solve a problem like Korea…….”
Thursday, 27th April 2017


How do you solve a problem like Korea…….” – reminds me of a song !

Rob Little
Lets Tour England !

You’re a “Mutton-headed old mugwump”…..
Boris Johnson (L), Jeremy Corbyn, (R)

Boris Johnson (L), Jeremy Corbyn, (R)

You’re a “Mutton-headed old mugwump“…..when you think of some of the appalling exchanges that took place in the recent US Presidential Election, we Brits are far too polite to take things too far and resort to playground tom-foolery instead albeit this kind of insult emanates from schools like Eton !

Rob Little
British Tour Guide who can take you to Eton…..
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I do not often speak of France…..
Monday, 24th April 2017


I do not often speak of France…..my good friend and correspondent to this blog may censure me !

But an interesting result in the Presidential Election first round last night which takes Marine Le Pen from the extreme right to face Brussels choice, the young man, Emmanuel Macron, in the second round on May 7th. Macon is claiming to be truly independent and not part of the political elite but it seems the conservative and socialist political elite will urge their supporters to back Macron against Le Pen. The problem he has, though, is he has no party with seats in the French Parliament who can be relied upon to deliver the legislation?

Macron, said in a speech outside Downing Street that he would be very tough on the British leaving the EU and he would like to encourage Britain’s most talented young people to move to France – this kind of endeared him to us !

The media has commented widely on how all of the candidates except Le Pen have avoided acknowledging the huge problem France has with Muslim terrorism in the pre-election debates. One wonders if the next regime with continue with its head in the sand pretending the problem does not exist.

Le Pen, friend of Trump, would not be my choice but it would be difficult to vote for any candidate who, for the reasons of political correctness, was unwilling to articulate a clear strategy to deal with the threat facing French cities.

Rob Little
Loves France…..
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A roam around Wiltshire with Mother…..with lunch at Cobbs Farm Shop near Hungerford
Saturday, 22nd April 2017
Hackpen White Horse between Broad Hinton and Marlborough

[ABOVE] Hackpen White Horse between Broad Hinton and Marlborough

Mother had a bonus ride out today as we ventured into Wiltshire and had lunch at Cobbs Farm Shop near Hungerford !

We drove back through Hungerford – Burbage – Marlborough – Sandy Lane and Lacock !

If you’d like to see the route CLICK HERE !

Rob Little
Wiltshire Driver / Tour Guide
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Hackpen White Horse

Hackpen White Horse

Wiltshire Farm near Hungerford

Wiltshire Farm near Hungerford

Windmill across Rape Seed Fields near East Grafton

Windmill across Rape Seed Fields near East Grafton

Windmill across Rape Seed Fields near East Grafton

Windmill across Rape Seed Fields near East Grafton


Thatched Cottage, Sandy Lane

Thatched Cottage, Sandy Lane

There was much ado about quite a lot at the Friday Lunch Club with Mother !
Friday, 21st April 2017

There certainly was “much ado about quite a lot” at the Friday Lunch Club with Mother – from General Elections in Britain to Presidential Elections in France to “the mother of all battle fleets” NOT heading towards North Korea after all……not to mention BREXIT – in fact we hardly did !

This week the feast took place at The Shed, Minchinhampton when Mother enjoyed her usual soup – today it was Vegetable while I had the cheddar and pickle sandwich.

Mother capitulated in to the temptation to indulge in dessert which presented itself as the most chocolate laden cake ever!

Rob Little
Tries to keep these events under control…..
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