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Rob Little’s Blog – musings of an English / British Tour Guide where I not only vent about things that “get my goat” but, also, publish lovely photos and eccentric stories about “this Sceptered Isle”!

And a good Monday morning from Crete…..
Monday, 24th September 2018

Rob Little
Tour Guide on vacation….,
Let’s Tour England and Crete !

QUOTE: “It’s life Jim, but not as we know it…..”
Sunday, 23rd September 2018

Rob Little
Not taking myself too seriously….,
Let’s Tour England and Crete !

Today is the Autumn Equinox…..it’s all down hill from now in the Northern Hemisphere!!

This Sunday morning I thought how nice it would be to go out with my little drone and take a few photos to compare the climatic conditions here on Crete with my beloved Cotswolds where I KNOW that the weather has been bucketing down!!

First down to Octopus Bay or Omproyalos as the locals call it! Then let’s see where life takes us!

Rob Little
Tour Guide on vacation….,
Let’s Tour England and Crete !

Octopus Bay / Omproyalos

Octopus Bay / Omproyalos

Octopus Bay / Omproyalos

Octopus Bay / Omproyalos

Octopus Bay / Omproyalos

What appears to be a quite substantial, if brutal, Sunday lunch being prepared – possibly without the finesse of mint sauce!!

Koutalas Beach


Saturday……more laziness…..and why not??

My son arrived on Friday and stayed the night with us before his own villa was ready on Saturday. After lunch we went to check out his amazing villa, being the flash bugger he is!! Wonderful place with stunning views but we like being tucked away more in the mountains where we can slip down to the village square for a drink and a snack.

Yesterday evening the village was alive with people on the street, in the various bars and kafeneon, and not forgetting the betting office. Shop owners were sitting in chairs outside their stores and people were being hailed as they chugged through on mopeds or in cars!! Such a different atmosphere to at home.

Our favourite watering hole is right next to the funeral office!!

Rob Little
Tour Guide on vacation….,
Let’s Tour England and Crete !

Two glasses of “village wine”, cheese, rusks, chips (crisps) and two glasses of raki!! Just THREE euros! Mad!!


Bev always finds a friend…..

The bar on the left, funeral office on right next to the advertising hoarding tree!!

Tom, my son’s villa

Tom’s villa !

Crete has its own little eccentricities…..😂
Saturday, 22nd September 2018

Carefully parked rental car…..

A villa is available for all budgets!!

The Cretan roadkill gives the driver a sporting chance…..

Rob Little
Tour Guide on vacation….,
Let’s Tour England and Crete !

Tell you what Mr Barnier – why don’t YOU tell US what YOU want…..?
Friday, 21st September 2018

After the fiasco in Saltzburg, the UK should walk away and hand the initiative over to Michel Barnier for him to come to US with a plan that suits him and his colleagues in the EU. We have had enough of EU leaders insulting each other.

Otherwise it’s a no deal BREXIT and no 40bn GBP “golden goodbye” from the UK to the EU.

A “no deal” BREXIT would be a huge problem for: Mercedes, BMW, and all the automotive companies of Europe, Airbus, French cheese, Italian pizza, Polish plumbers, Czech beer, Romanian fruit pickers, Spanish paella makers, Portuguese golfers, Dutch Coffee Shop owners, Belgian chocolate makers, Luxembourg Bureaucrats, Romanian nurses, Bulgarian Fruit pickers, Greek…..Greek…….??

I jest but I said to a Greek guy yesterday and told him he was jealous of us and he agreed. I said we should form a new Union with UK, Greece and possibly the Irish 😂

Just leave it, walk away and let them come to us!!

Rob Little
👋 👋 👋 👋
Let’s Tour England !

Crete is full of our “Favourite Restaurants”……
Thursday, 20th September 2018

Another pretty lazy day today visiting a winery- the small Karavitakis winery that only produces 150,000 bottles a year, most of which is exported.

And then to another favourite taverna – “Waves in the Rocks” serving the very best squid and octopus!!

Then after a few photo opportunities back to the villa for relaxation. Dinner tonight was the Greek salad from last nights restaurant!!

Rob Little
Tour Guide on vacation….,
Let’s Tour England and Crete !

Near the Winery

Fermentation equipment

Oak barrels – each one costs over 1000 euros new!!


Gorgeous view?

Wednesday and life goes on in Crete…..

Yesterday was a lazy day for us in Crete just sitting around in the morning reading and working. Then for lunch we went to meet our Dutch friends in the town square and had a good chat with them about care in old age, a comparison with government social security rates (pension), the antics of our respective royal families, the controversy around euthanasia and generally the cheap cost of housing and renting on Crete – they were thinking of a long term rent here! Luckily, somehow, we managed to avoid BREXIT!!

While all this conversation was going on life was pottering on in the little town square with people coming and going, waving and shouting greetings to each other. Then a brief ten minutes of mayhem while four tour buses tried to squeeze through the square opposed by a honking, belligerent construction truck and local cars who were not being particularly cooperative at this intervention into the tranquility of their town. Then a couple of land trains, the first with drunken waving tourists, presumably from a cruise? I only managed to start filming when the second more well behaved group came along but then there was the dog in the van.

While this was going on, I had a pint, Bev had a small caraf of wine, they brought toasted bread with olives and herbs and cheese……just FOUR EUROS the lot that’s a bit more in dollars and a bit less in pounds. Same as last year. And 24% of that is tax!!

Love it here !

Today we are off for a winery…..should be fun!

Rob Little
Tour Guide on vacation….,
Let’s Tour England and Crete !

PS – Sally……bet you miss the sound of barking dogs!!

Good morning from Crete!

Trying to get onto an airbed- the most energetic thing that we…., well Bev did yesterday!


Land train…..

Errrr – you don’t see olive trees in England or nice cars like this !!

Our Villa in Crete

A favourite restaurant in the village of Armenoi where the portions are truly gargantuan……naturally 😀

Bev’s chicken stick !

So…… SO nice to be back in Crete…..
Tuesday, 18th September 2018

So nice to be back in Crete although, actually, SO nice to be having a vacation of my own accompanied by the present Mrs Little!

After a lazy morning, Bev and I went for a drive and then had lunch. We then returned to the villa for a siesta….and why shouldn’t we? Just preparing to go to the local square and watch life go by over a beer.

My itineraries arn’t anything like as “busy” as I make up for my Customers!!

Check out what we had for lunch oh and a beer – the total bill came to 21 euros / $24 !!

Rob Little
Tour Guide on vacation….,
Let’s Tour England and Crete !

Off we went for a a drive – the roads of Crete can be a bit interesting…..

Sure footed goat at the side of the road…..

…..and the occasional land slip!!!

Then off to Drapanos to the Steki tou Leonida, where the owner described his life as “A little piece of Paradise”…..

Here is Lionida enjoying his piece of paradise…..!

First toasted local bread drizzled with olive oil…..

Then a delicious Greek salad…..

Followed by the Village Sausages and quickly followed up by Pork Skewers…..

Then complimentary caramel dessert and the obligatory Raki !

The Torbay Steam Railway from Paignton to Kingswear…..

…..like my mother before me, I used to go to school on this train!!

Rob Little
Tour Guide
Let’s Tour England !