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  • "...thank you for such a splendid day in the Cotswolds"
    A.F. - Utah
  • "Thank you for a fabulous tour - you are a brilliant guide - we love you !"
    B & N - Tennessee
  • "... a thousand thanks for showing us around in your wonderful and beautiful country!"
    JL - Flanders, Belgium
  • "... the Cotswold villages and the vistas were spectacular. The pub lunch was delicious and the atmosphere one of a kind"
    N & B A - California
  • "WOW!!! What a way for a Yank to see France!!! Having one of our old Allies the Brits showing the way!!!"
    WC & PC - Alabama
  • "... thank you for the wonderful tour I had with my father to Normandy and Paris!"
    JC - Florida
  • "We say more than we bargained for and then some..."
    C &C - Georgia
  • "... a rather seredipitous click on Google that let me to you and I will forever be grateful for that. What a font of knowledge you are! "
    SM - Philipines
  • "We just want to thank you again for making our vacation so special. We had a great time. Absolutely wonderful! Happy memories!"
    Mike & Jane McCool, Front Royal, VA
  • "You did a fabulous and caring job, making sure our trip was perfect."
    J & A - New York
  • "You put so much heart into what you do..."
    BE, China

Rob Little’s Blog – musings of an English / British Tour Guide where I not only vent about things that “get my goat” but, also, publish lovely photos and eccentric stories about “this Sceptered Isle”!

Winter Sun in the Cotswolds….. by Drone!
Sunday, 19th January 2020

After a rain sodden three months…..at last some frost and winter sun. I think a bright winters day in the Cotswolds shows just how beautiful this part of England is?

You know you want to visit !!

Drone footage taken with a DJI Phantom 4 PRO

Rob Little
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Lovely reflections near Yanworth



Out for a walk !

Queen agrees to “Hard MEGXIT”…..

Less than two years after a marriage that got worldwide publicity The Queen has not agreed to a half way house so the Sussex’s are OUT – they can go their own way but not on behalf of her anymore.

Their HRH titles are gone and no longer will either of the couple undertake any public duties to represent The Queen.

Somehow I don’t see this as the end of the story.

Rob Little
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“Days”…..another brilliant song from 1968 – this one by The Kinks!
Thursday, 16th January 2020

Covered by many, the words and melody of this brilliant song by Ray Davies has touched the hearts of many.

If you can cope with a sad few reminisces try listening to this delightful but sometimes sad programme on BBC Sounds. 😊


Indeed it is such a “poignant song…..emotionally uplifting”.

Rob Little
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Let’s Tour England !

The Kinks in 1968

Luke Kelly – a founding member of The Dubliners !

Kirsty MacColl

Ray Davies at Glastonbury in 2010

Boris says “Bung a bob for a Big Ben Bong”……
Tuesday, 14th January 2020

Its probably right that we don’t rub the antidemocratic REMOANER’s noses in it by having the tax payer pay to have Big Ben strike at 11pm on 31st January – the time the UK officially leaves the EU.

This latest “silly season” story has diverted attention from “Megxit”…..Boris has suggested that payment for Big Ben’s bongs could be paid for by crowd funding!

The whole idea has of course caused uproar with spikes of activity on talk radio – especially the Nigel Farage Show on LBC this evening.

Rob Little
Personally I’m happy to Bung a bob for a Big Ben Bong…..
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“Megxit”…..another distraction!!
Monday, 13th January 2020

Revolution, the guillotine, a firing squad…..barbarism has been the usual way to exit the Royal families of Europe.

But these traditions have had to change with the dawn of the modern era so another way needed to be found to avoid a diplomatic incident so banishment to British Columbia seemed to be the best option.

The speaking circuit, book signings, voice overs, a return to “Suits” – all seems possible during their exile in Canada.

Good luck to them !

Rob Little
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Mean…..? “Effing” mean…..? Or what…..?
Thursday, 9th January 2020

Maybe just administratively inept?

I hate banks and it’s great to be in a position to mess them about and wind them up instead of them threatening me!!

So first I receive a statement from Halifax Card Services saying I did not pay the amount owing the previous month so I’ m thinking: “I owe them just one penny – lets have a bit of fun with them“…..

So then I get a text message asking me to call them to discuss my account ! A women (from Scotchland) said she needed to look into my account and would be no more than 15 minutes…..I rang off !

So in order to inconvenience the bank the most, instead of paying the PENNY online, I decided to go into the branch office and pay it in CASH !! Thus annoying the teller but amusing all those standing around me !

Rob Little
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If these crazy people shoot a plane down by accident imagine what they could do with a nuclear weapon?

Some people need to be checked…..

Rob Little
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Deja vu…..it’s “That American Woman” all over again…..! 😳

The curse resumes…..these Californian “Ladies that lunch” just can’t cope with our Royal swank!!

Harry should have realised that being a Hollywood actress doesn’t mean you can fake your way into the British Royal Family.

So 20 months after she was reluctantly invited in, she leaves the family in turmoil!

Rob Little
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A Ladybird enjoying the midwinter sunshine…..!
Wednesday, 8th January 2020

Rob Little
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Let’s Tour England !

The Cotswolds in January…..beautful?
Sunday, 5th January 2020






Near “Roman Villa” just before sundown !

Out hunting for good shots with the drone but the best were taken from the ground.

Fortunately no rogue Iranian forces in the area.

Rob Little
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Let’s Tour England !