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Rob Little’s Blog – musings of an English / British Tour Guide where I not only vent about things that “get my goat” but, also, publish lovely photos and eccentric stories about “this Sceptered Isle”!

Monday, 19th September 2022

Today our country laid on THE most exquisite piece of national pageantry that any country could ever orchestrate.

On a day of such solemnity, it’s clear that nobody can touch us when it comes to such magnificent ceremonial statecraft.

And the entire guest list at the funeral of our Queen, Elizabeth, which included the leaders of countless countries, relied on the professionalism of our police and armed forces to provide them with security!

One hundred and eleven years ago, my Great Grandfather was one of the naval ratings hauling the very same gun carriage at Queen Victoria’s funeral.

Forgive me if I lapse into nationalistic rhetoric; which is not something our country is ordinarily associated with. But, today, is different. Tomorrow back to our more familiar self deprecating approach!

God Save the King!

Rob Little
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The similarities with Queen Victoria’s funeral, the tradition continues…..

A “reconcilliation” between the Princes and their wives…..I don’t think so 😳
Sunday, 11th September 2022

Meghan looked awkward and pretty sour. The hand holding was pathetic.

It was clear the Sussexes and the New Wales’ had been told to get out and mix with the crowd for the sake of their Grannie….

Anyone who talks about a reconciliation is delusional….Harry’s book, slating the Royal Family is about to come out for which he has already been paid millions – what’s he going to do…recall it and repay the $$$$? I don’t think so.

The Queen would have been distressed…..thank God she did not live to see Harry’s book published.

Rob Little
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Interesting fact…..
Saturday, 10th September 2022

Her late Majesty, Queen Elizabeth was the first Monarch to die in Scotland since King James, father of Mary Queen of Scots, in 1542!

Rob Little
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A few words about the passing of The Queen…..
Friday, 9th September 2022

Just wanted to say a few words about The Queen who passed away yesterday after 70 years of unwavering service to our country and to the Commonwealth and the wider world.

The are many Kings and Queens in this world but when people speak of “The” Queen, we knew who they are talking about.

Its the end of an era…

Rob Little
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God Save The King…..
Thursday, 8th September 2022

Just two days ago, The Queen was doing her duty, inviting her fifteenth British Prime Minister to form a government.

When she succeeded her father in 1952, The Queen promised to serve the people of the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth for the rest of her life, be it long or short.

In the end, her life was very long and she did her duty until the end. There was NEVER any question of “retirement”.

The Family will be sad to lose her but, for the people, we should give thanks for her service and unwavering commitment to her people.

The Queen’s reign has spanned 14 American Presidents – President Truman was in the White House in 1952.

The baton has passed on, to King Charles III.

RIP Queen Elizabeth II.

Rob Little
God Save The King !

Keep “that American Woman” away from our Queen…..

Princes Charles and William have travelled to Balmoral to be with The Queen who is quite possibly in the last days of her life.

Ironically the errant “Sussex” couple who have been so critical of the Royal Family, are also in the UK at the moment. They have not been well received by the British public. Although The Queen would not even think of making an official statement about their vindictive candour, their spiteful comments will have been very distressing to The Queen, I’m sure.

Their scurrying to be at Balmoral this afternoon is two faced in the extreme and I am sure that as far as the rest of the family are concerned, the Sussexes are persona non grata.

I am sure we all hope the Queen is comfortable at this time and, above all, calm.

Rob Little
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Biden is worrying about the “Peace Process” in Northern Ireland…..
Tuesday, 6th September 2022

Apparently the Biden regime is concerned that our new Prime Minister, Ms Truss, might invoke “Article 16” and this could have a detrimental effect on the “Peace Process” in Northern Ireland.

I’m surprised he’s worried about our peace process when he has his own divided country and 30,000 deaths from guns each year.

You look after things over there and we’ll do the same over here Mr President.


Rob Little
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The Cotswold town of Cirencester…..at 8am on Friday morning !
Saturday, 27th August 2022

On route to the market I took these photos.

Black Jack Street it very photogenic !

Rob Little
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Have you been watching my ride around the Irish coastline on the little bike…..?
Thursday, 25th August 2022

If you haven’t been watching, you don’t need to be interested in motorbikes or my silly humour to watch this – there are not too many videos on YouTube of a trip around the entire Irish coastline with its spectacular views. If you would like to watch more in the series, go to the entire playlist by clicking here and ideally subscribe to my YouTube channel – that makes things easier to find!

After stopping for the night, in one of the most bizarre places ever, I was prevailed upon by a nurse, who I met in the car park to go up to Mount Melleray Monastery where I might derive some solace so I did !!

Then, in a somewhat more relaxed, spiritual and less stressed demeanour, I found myself in the beautiful harbour town of Dungarvan where I indulged in my last “full Irish” (Breakfast) – the best I’d had anywhere!!

I then headed for the “Copper Coast”, driving past some amazing cliffs and coastal scenery which equals anything that I’ve seen in Kerry and Donegal.

When I was in a car park taking photographs, A white van drove past, turned round and came back and the driver (named Jason O’Sullivan) said:

”Hey it’s you – the mad guy travelling around Ireland on a tiny bike”.

We stopped and chatted for a while then I carried on along the coast to Tramore and then up to Passage East and across the ferry where I met Jack Nolan on his Triumph Thruxton.

Jack and I rode together out to the Hook Lighthouse and then past other coastal sites and Cistercian Abbey called “Tintern” – the same as the one we have in Wales!

When we said our goodbyes, I drove again on the back roads to Kilmore Quay which is pretty major fishing port and very pretty.
Finally I arrived back in Rosslare after 1600 miles riding around the coast of the entire island of Ireland on my trusted little YB. Actually I felt quite satisfied with myself but especially proud of the little bike. The Fat man, on a Tiny Bike, really has ROAMED Ireland !

I had to be at the ferry at 6:30am for the 7:30am sailing arriving back in Fishguard around 11am. I then have the bottom breaking journey from West Wales back to Tetbury.

I particularly chose this to happen on Midsummer day so it doesn’t matter what time I get back – I’ve got till about 9 o’clock before I start to lose the light but I am hoping to be back by about Six.

Rob Little
Fat man, Tiny Bike, Roams Ireland

So we have rain – 0.6″ this week means we are up to 9.45 inches this year…..still dreadful !!
Monday, 22nd August 2022

We are in drought.

Rob Little
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