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Rob Little’s Blog – musings of an English / British Tour Guide where I not only vent about things that “get my goat” but, also, publish lovely photos and eccentric stories about “this Sceptered Isle”!

Londoners consume 8½ tons of pure cocaine every year…..
Friday, 11th October 2019

Londoners consume 8½ tons of pure cocaine every year before it is cut with cement, bleach, flour and the other stuff.

Across European Cities – this is the AVERAGE amount of cocaine consumed daily…..

This is the amount of cocaine that Londoners consume every single day…..

Thats a lot of stuff going up the nose every day…..

And there is one city worse than London in the UK – BRISTOL…..the highest per capita SNORT in Europe.

Good old Bristol !

Don’t worry about the gasoline, battery acid and cement…..its a recreational drug….what fun…..hope you enjoy a snorting good Friday night out you a*******s…..!


Rob Little
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So President Trump see’s no reason to return diplomat’s wife involved in fatal car accident in the UK then fled to the USA…..
Thursday, 10th October 2019


Rob Little
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Mother says “uncouth” language is OK…..desirable even !
Wednesday, 9th October 2019

Mother is FURIOUS and says “uncouth” language is OK…..desirable even !

She said there has been too much pussy-footing around and that the insults from EU officials coming in our direction have been intolerable.

Dominic Cummings is believed to be the author of the 700 word text message that was leaked yesterday, which gave Downing Street’s view on the state of the negotiations in a succinct style. In a nutshell he said that if the current deal fails and the Prime Minister is forced by Parliament and the Courts to “beg” for an extension, if the EU persist on siding with the losers of the referendum, the prognosis for post Brexit relations between the EU and UK will not be good.

However the remainist, establishment press and Parliament ignored the main content of the “leak” preferring to focus on the “earthy” language made in the following two sentences:

[If the EU grants a further time wasting delay which the UK Government does NOT want but are being forced to ask for by Parliament and the Courts] “we won’t engage in further talks, we obviously won’t give any undertakings about cooperative behaviour, everything to do with ‘duty of sincere cooperation’ will be in the toilet

Those [EU Countries] who supported delay will face the inevitable consequences of being seen to interfere in [the UK’s] domestic politics in a deeply unpopular way by colluding with a Parliament that is as popular as the clap“.

We need to be less sensitive about the language and more serious about the content I think?

I might add that the present shenanigans in the Parliament Square “camp site” by “Extinction Rebellion” will look like a birthday party compared to when, finally, “the English people speak” if the UK Parliament and the EU deny the decision made in the 2016 referendum.

It it beyond belief how democracy is being seen to be rejected before our very eyes. Even if you didn’t vote “LEAVE” you can still reflect on the diminished value of the democracy you think you live in.

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A glimpse of Crete in 4k !

Using my DJI Mavic Air Drone.

Rob Little
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Offence caused by the EU being “down the toilet” and the British Parliament being “as popular as the Clap”…..🤔
Tuesday, 8th October 2019

This kind of coarse commentary is hardly becoming of what some people may consider as “Being British” but it is that the kind of “locker room” language that top leaders use at the moment…..? It is the kind of words that Guy Verhofstadt would recognise because he has been been using it in the context of the British people for years.

So now the EU say we will never have a “DEAL” unless we “give” them Northern Ireland…..


…..tempting but…..

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BREXIT – Mrs Little Senior, age 91, said “Prepare to man the barricades”…..
Monday, 7th October 2019

Yes we are still on about the dreadful issue of BREXIT but guess what?  Most of the people who voted “REMAIN” three years ago have had enough and just want to leave and get it over and done with. Nobody actually KNOWS a “REMAINER” who wants another referendum. Most accept the democratic decision made three years ago. It is only a small minority of exceedingly well organised “REMOANERS” that are whipping up the frenzy that threatens the decision of “The People” leave the EU.

I was watching a “conversation” (on youTube) between Rod Liddle (37 years a member of the Labour Party) and Nigel Farage about Liddle’s recently published book “The Great Betrayal”. The point is made in Liddle’s book that the question on the ballot paper was to “LEAVE” the EU or to “REMAIN”.  LEAVE meaning to leave the EU – Customs Union, Single Market and European Court of Justice…..but suddenly, within a few days after the result, we were hearing new definitions of BREXIT….words like “HARD” and “SOFT”…..

Liddle believes we will NEVER leave…..in fact we will never be ALLOWED to leave. And when you think about it, he may will be right. He makes the point that after Cameron resigned as Prime Minister, Theresa May emerged and, (said Liddle) with HER skills as a negotiator, “she would come out of DFS with a full price sofa”!! Then there is the EU who won’t let us leave…..the so-called deal between Theresa May and the EU was designed specifically to claw us back and keep us in. When Boris came up with a new, workable idea where the England, Scotland and Wales would fully leave the EU…..leaving Northern Ireland still effectively in the Customs Union and Single Market…..something which could actually work…..the EU rejected it because it would mean we would really leave and they don’t want that!  The ideal situation for the UK would to be caught in a perpetual backstop; where we paid money to be in the Customs Union and Single Market, under the jurisdiction of the ECJ, but out of the parliament so we could not cause trouble !!

But the biggest obsticles to us leaving is the UK establishment:

  • The UK Civil Service…..very pro EU
  • The UK Parliament…..70% remain
  • The UK Judiciary…..we saw their unanimous decision of their friends in Parliament the otheer day
  • The BBC…..Rod Liddle who worked there says he knows NOBODY who voted “LEAVE” in the BBC
  • And one of mine – Channel 4 News…..shocking bias from interviewers such as Krishnan Guru-Murthy

With the weight of all these institutions pro EU, how can those of us who voted “LEAVE” ever expect to realise their democratic entitlement?

Well my mother, Mrs Little Senior has the answer and she says “Prepare to man the Barricades“…..

And she quotes the poem by G K Chesterton:

The last verse…after the French and Russian Revolutions…..

We hear men speaking for us of new laws strong and sweet,
Yet is there no man speaketh as we speak in the street.
It may be we shall rise the last as Frenchmen rose the first,
Our wrath comes after Russia’s wrath and our wrath will be the worst.
It may be we are meant to mark with our riot and our rest
God’s scorn for all men governing. It may be beer is best.
But we are the people of England; and we have not spoken yet.
Smile at us, pay us, pass us. But do not quite forget.

Some think the Referendum was The People of England speaking but, no…..if democracy does not happen, that will come later !

Rob Little
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Did GK Chesterton really predict Brexit?

G.K. Chesterton’s “The Secret People”, published in 1907, prophesies an English revolution in which, after centuries of patient acquiescence in their own oppression, the people rise up against their arrogant rulers.

In one sense the poem is clearly appropriate – the referendum has exposed a lot of snobbery towards the supposedly deluded and/or racist people who voted “LEAVE”.

Wife of American Diplomat claims “Diplomatic Immunity” and fled to USA after fatal accident…..

An American woman who is a suspect in a fatal accident in the UK has claimed “Diplomatic Immunity” and returned to the US.

The head-on collision, which happened on August 27th near RAF Croughton, an American Spy Base in Northampton, killed a young man, Harry Dunn age 19, who was riding his motorcycle. The car allegedly careered into Mr Dunn whilst driving on the wrong side of the road on the brow of a hill

Initially, it is alleged that the suspect – Anne Sacoolas, 42, got out of the car, admitted liability and told police investigating that she had no plans to leave the UK. Nevertheless, the following day, when police visited her home to inform her that the teenager had died in hospital, lawyers and embassy officials stepped in and the suspect used her right under “Diplomatic Immunity” to returned to the US.

The parents of the young man who was aged just 19, and whose step father happens to be an American citizen, simply want closure and to understand what happened; but have vowed to pursue justice in to the United States if necessary. Tim Dunn, Mr Dunn’s father, said it felt as if his “heart had dropped out” when he learnt, that the suspect had left the country and the teenager’s mother, Charlotte Charles, told TV News: “It was like all hope had gone. It was literally a living nightmare“.

Nick Adderley, the most senior officer in the Northamptonshire Police Force, wrote “in the strongest terms” to the US Embassy in London, urging that the diplomatic immunity waiver be applied “in order to allow the justice process to take place“. Mr Dunn’s parents are set to meet British Foreign Secretary, Dominic Raab, and British Officials are talking to their US counterparts to have Immunity waived and the woman returned to the UK so that the investigation may be concluded. However, Ben Emmerson QC, a barrister specialising in human rights and international criminal law, said that those operating at the most senior level would have “absolute immunity” that would be almost impossible to challenge.

Rob Little
A shocking abuse of Diplomatic Immunity…..?
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UPDATE – it is now alleged that the subject was flown out of England by PRIVATE JET. Shameful.

Fantastic lunch with family in the “Halfway Inn” near Newbury…..so sorry to hear the owners are moving on…..🙁
Sunday, 6th October 2019

A sort of family celebration the day after our 45th wedding anniversary with cousin Chris and his wife Mary at the “Halfway Inn(an interesting name?) which besides being half way between London and the Port of Bristol on the old “Great West Road” is also half way between Tetbury and my Chris’s home in Aldershot…..almost to the minute ! 😝

Mary and Bev had the Sunday Roast Pork with all the trimmings while Chris and I “shared” the Shoulder of Lamb…..Chris had been insisting on scales at the table to insure equal portions but I managed to make him see sense…..for once ! 😂

I polished mine off with the Eton Mess !

So very sorry to hear that the owners who have been there for 7-10 years (not sure how many) are leaving but we hope to visit them at their new pub in Somerset – The Royal Oak at Luxborough near Dunster…..actually in a village on Exmoor – Lorna Doone country!

Rob Little
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You can see…..Shoulder of Lamb, chips (fries), roast potatoes, beans, spicy beetroot, jus…..out of sight was the mint sauce and cauliflower cheese….yes you could say we “pigged out” or Chris did, anyway !! 😀

Farewell to Ginger Baker…..the best rock drummer the World has ever seen……!

“TOAD” and the famous Ginger Baker Drum Solo at the Cream Reunion in the RAH 2005

Ginger Baker passed away today age 80.

Most acknowledge him as the best ever Rock Drummer best known for his time with “Cream”.

Can’t believe their reunion concert was in 2005…..

RIP Ginger….

Rob Little
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“SUNSHINE OF YOUR LOVE” at the Cream Reunion in the RAH 2005

And now for something completely different…..😜
Saturday, 5th October 2019

FIFTY YEARS AGO TODAY – The BBC broadcast the very first showing of “Monty Python’s Flying Circus…..

To be fair, the humour has dated a little but at the time it was seen as outrageously hilarious !

Here are a few of my favouites that still hold up well…..

Ministry of Silly Walks


Mouse problem (Sound only)

The Black Knight

Rob Little
Watched “Python” from the beginning !
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