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Tours England
  • "...thank you for such a splendid day in the Cotswolds"
    A.F. - Utah
  • "Thank you for a fabulous tour - you are a brilliant guide - we love you !"
    B & N - Tennessee
  • "... a thousand thanks for showing us around in your wonderful and beautiful country!"
    JL - Flanders, Belgium
  • "... the Cotswold villages and the vistas were spectacular. The pub lunch was delicious and the atmosphere one of a kind"
    N & B A - California
  • "WOW!!! What a way for a Yank to see France!!! Having one of our old Allies the Brits showing the way!!!"
    WC & PC - Alabama
  • "... thank you for the wonderful tour I had with my father to Normandy and Paris!"
    JC - Florida
  • "We say more than we bargained for and then some..."
    C &C - Georgia
  • "... a rather seredipitous click on Google that let me to you and I will forever be grateful for that. What a font of knowledge you are! "
    SM - Philipines
  • "We just want to thank you again for making our vacation so special. We had a great time. Absolutely wonderful! Happy memories!"
    Mike & Jane McCool, Front Royal, VA
  • "You did a fabulous and caring job, making sure our trip was perfect."
    J & A - New York
  • "You put so much heart into what you do..."
    BE, China
BREXIT…..What Happened?

Well, basically, the British people took a democratic vote in June 2016 the result being 52% opted to leave the European Union. The Government had undertaken to deliver the decision of the British people but the result was a surprise because 75% of the MPs in Parliament were in favour of remaining in the EU.

The first huge mistake (for the “Leave” voters) was to appoint a Pro-EU supporter to be Prime Minister – perhaps, though, all part of the big plan by Parliament to frustrate the decision of the People.

Now after 3 years of negotiation, we are at stalemate with an inept Prime Minister, useless Government Ministers and a pitifully incompetent opposition and a Parliament who think they know best and want to hijack the whole BREXIT deal.

Those who call for a delay in BREXIT, want to have another family splitting referendum because they believe enough “Leave” voters will have died since the last vote so they may win this second vote. What then? The best of three?

Its a mess.

Rob Little
Prefers not to be spurned by my children for a second time…..
Lets Tour England !

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