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English Husband exonerated for slothful approach to home maintenance !


A husband in England was exonerated for a lifetime of sloth when it comes to home maintenance, today – DIY, painting, decorating, tiling and even vacuuming etc, after it was heard that his wife was annoyingly critical of not only his work but of the tradesmen that followed. In the forthcoming years the woman was only ever satisfied by one man who was very busy working in other even more fussy people’s houses !

Over the years, the lady concerned had upset one tradesman after another by criticising their work – builders, decorators, plumbers, gardeners and cleaners…..they would leave the job in moods ranging from despondency to fury. The husband, on occasion, had felt duty bound to protect and warn some of the unsuspecting tradesmen.

The husband’s final involvement in decorating was a “night shift” with a brush in his hand after a full days work – painting a room from 6pm finishing at midnight. The wife’s critical eye was drawn to the single paint run and the man’s paint soaked brush was similarly attracted to the back of her head!!

Since then, arguments have ensued about whether a wash hand basin is square to the wall, how to tell if a wall is “out”, the technology of a spirit level, and finding a tile with a quarter inch hairline flaw in a fully tiled bathroom – something the woman proved to be very adept at !

And the woman never saw the funny side when the husband reported it?

Rob Little
Looking forward to “Touring Season”…..
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