Welcome to the “new” Let’s Tour England website!

I decided to take the old one down because I was being pursued by greedy agencies accusing me of copyright infringements and haranguing me to “settle” by handing over exorbitant sums of cash. I may or may not have been scammed but decided to shut down all of my websites and start from scratch.

But things have changed – I’m no longer directly involved in tours although as someone who has been just about everywhere worth visiting in the British Isles – many times, rain and shine, who better to advise on what to see and what not to bother with, where to stay and how to get there?

My blog is back – sorry to my small posse of followers that my rantings have been silent these past few months but, as they say, “absence makes the heart grow fondest”. There seems to be plenty for me to rant about in the upcoming 12 months!

My main interests besides family are the Cotswold countryside, my beloved Dartmouth, motorcycling and making YouTube videos. I will use this medium to reflect my interests the best I can and encourage anyone thinking of visiting the UK to get in touch. I can recommend driver / guides for those who need a bit of help and can help those wondering how to get the best out of a trip to these islands who may be thinking of doing it independently. Basic advice comes free…..more detailed itineraries, route planning, hotel recommendations, I will agree to charge a “consideration”!